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A Couple of Quick Nail Care Tips

Here is a few nail care tips I came across that I felt might be of some help, or interest. Do your nails peel? My fingernails do especially during the fall to winter season. Something about when the weather changes, my fingernails start to peel at the tips. As someone who gets peeling nails I […]

Tips For Men When You Want to Visit a Nail Salon For The First Time

Got a guest blogger today! Jake the toe paint guy send me an email with tips for a guy when you would want to visit the nail salon for the first time. I thought it would be wonderful to share is his amazing tips right here for you. Tips for men when visiting a salon: […]

Happy Earth Day!

Life is always prettier when you take care of everything around you a little better. You read stories of kids cleaning up their playgrounds of old tires and trash. In our home we are really big on recycling our bottles and cans (my son uses it for gas money). Even simple things like turning off […]

CJ His Story of Love for Colored Nail Polish

Hi, my name is CJ. I’m a guy. I’m happily married. I hand-model part-time. And I would really like to wear colored nail polish on my hands, pretty much full-time…colors such as Vise and Shock Absorber from the BB Couture’s men’s collection. I like color polish because I think my hands look good in certain […]