Bloom Mineral Makeup Skincare And More

Today I am doing a review for Bloom Mineral Makeup- “Skin care that becomes you” What I had received: 4 piece gift set in a box – great for traveling Balancing Facial Toner Shielding Foot Cream Shielding Hand Cream What they say about their skincare line: Nature enhanced skin care,the Dead Sea Minerals in Bloom […]

Yu.Be Skin Care Product Line – Been Around For 60 Years!

I was surprised that a simple formula skincare line, has been around for 60 years! Simple skincare that each product only takes a tiny bit to make you skin feel amazing! I wanted to know how long a jar of Yu.Be face cream really does last. Here is a bit about the brand: Invented in […]

Citrus Clear Skin Care Product Review

I am at the age were I tend not to have break outs. I never really broke out with heavy pimples like many do when I was a teenager either. My sons did but like all teens do, they grew out of it. I know I am lucky but not everyone is. When I got […]

Somaluxe Argan Oil Hair Treatment Review

I think I am obsessed with products created with argan oil! I really beginning to think that. Anytime someone asked me to do a review of any type of product created with argan oil I always say yes! Here is a very lovely hair/skin care treatment by Lady Soma I have done review for them […]

Simon & Tom Set of Three Beauty Products Review

I received three products for Simon & Tom to do a review on. Out of the three, only one has been going huh? Do read on to see what I mean. Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment Hair Serum with Argan Oil One for dry elbows Simon & Tom Elbow Treatment Cream And one that is […]

Kleem Organics Vitamin C Serum Review

I love a good face serum! I really do! So I am always on the hunt for the next best one. Next to a good not over-drying face cleanser a good face serum is the ground works so to speak for your moisturizer. Some serums are better than others this is true. I have been […]