Three different products that work together to help you create the perfect glowing skin (even if its fake) is blush, bronzer and luminizer. You do not have to wear all three but its good to know what they are and what they do to help you create the perfect look. But what are they?

Just what is blush?

Blushes: they come in powders, pressed, creams and gels and sticks. Pressed blush is the one we more commonly know and have used and is different types. Pressed blush comes in lots of different shades and usually comes with a brush. Powder blush is loose minerals comes in a jar with a sifter and it is to apply by using a blusher brush.

Cream blush is best for drier more mature skin. Gels are pretty much sheer color and doesn’t have a very long staying power. With all these choices how do you pick the best blush for you?
General rule when picking a blush is those with cooler skin tones look best in rosy pinks and berries. Olive complexions are most flattered with apricots and rusty reds.

Peach shade is the most flattering color for just about anyone. If you are going to wear cream blush its best to everything else you are wearing is cream as well. Whatever type of blush you wear be sure that its well blended into your skin. You want people to notice your sexy look not your makeup.

What is a bronzer?

Bronzer are used to add warmth to your skin tone. It’s meant to complement your look not take away from it. The most versatile cosmetic you will ever own is your bronzing powder! It can really finish you look without over-doing it. It gives you a sun-kissed look without having to be in the sun! Bronzer can be found in powder or cream type but the same rules apply to wearing it. If you are wearing powder eye shadows, foundation etc then you should wear powder bronzer. As the same with creams. Some products do not do well or look right if you mix and match types.

Bronzers come in a variety of colors but the best one for you is usually a couple of shades darker than your natural complexion. Being the most versatile cosmetic is an understatement!
Wear in the summer to even out your tan, in the winter to add a little life to your too pale face. Its applied down the base of your nose, across your forehead and across your cheeks over your blush or in replacement of your blush if need be.

What is an Luminizer?

Luminizer does wonders to wake up an tired face. It comes as a cream or powder and with just a touch of shimmer that can make a tired face look refreshed and awake. It is worn along the top of the cheekbones and under the brows just on the brow bone. If you can see it, then you are wearing too much.

Luminizer can also be worn on other parts of your body not just your face. As it comes as a powder most cases it makes it easy to mix your luminizer with your body creams. Next time you are going out, apply a touch of shimmer to your collarbone, shoulder or anywhere light hits your skin. You can also add a little glitter to your luminizer to really amp up your night time makeup.

Easiest way to remember is like this blushes are for your cheeks, bronzers are to give you a warm summer like glow all year long, and luminizers are meant to do just that, lumized you look. Also you can wear luminizers mixed in with your body lotion and applied to other parts of your body that the light hits.

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