Cherish your dreams the old fashion way – start a hope chest to put away your dreams for another day.
What is a hope chest? Why would I even need one?
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Let me start with how hope chests came about. Years ago when life was bit simpler and less high tech, young ladies starting as young as 12 would start dreaming about their prefect wedding. As they dream they would start a “hope chest” to keep the items they would need for their first home with their true love.

In times where handcrafted items handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter would be among the first items that would go into their hope chest. Beautifully worked designs handmade table runners, table clothes, to handmade doilies that you may of ever crochet yourself. Mothers would teach their daughters how to knit, crochet and quilt. It was a time of great celebration for a young lady to start her first hope chest. Filled with her dreams of that prefect day with her prince charming.

What was a “hope chest”? Many would be chests you can buy still today that sit at the end of your bed as an extra storage space. If you had a family that had just come back from the war even their footlocker would work.
What was usually found in a ‘hope chest’? Your moms or your grandmothers wedding dress. It was a sense of pride to be able to wear the same dress your mom was married it.

If you wanted to start a ‘hope chest’ right now today what would you have in it?
It would start with a list of all the items you need for a kitchen, bathroom, guest room.

If this was 1940′s it would be 8 sets of twin bed sheets.
Today it would be more like a set of 6 queen size sheets.
6 matching pillowcases,
6 of the largest Turkish bath towels,
6 matching hand Turkish towels to brighten up your guest bathroom.
6 wash clothes in white,
6 guest towels,
2 wool blankets,
2 bedspreads.
Everything would be either matching color or patterns. One of the things while planning your prefect wedding was to also dream about the colors you wanted in your home.

Also 1 set of elegant luncheon tablecloths with matching napkins for special occasions,
1 set for everyday use,
8 kitchen towels.

Want create your own hope chest today? Here are a few tips for you, talk to your grandmother. Tell her you want to always remember your past and make any items they may have left from their hope chest; as a place to begin yours. You may be surprised, they may even have a hope chest you can use!

As you gather your items together, remember most of all this is your hope chest, fill it with your dreams of what you want in your first home. Write a dairy filled with ideas of what you want your perfect wedding.

It’s time to bring back a blast from our past, a hope chest filled with your dreams of the brightest future, add parts of your family history, items to start your first home and the day prince charming drives into your life you will realize why a chest filled your dream wedding is so important.

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