One of the best way to totally relax and let go is to visit a day spa. One of the best skin treatments is have a body wrap done. But do you know what a body wrap is or what it use? Here is information about body wraps, types, ingredients and what to expect afterwards.

Body wraps are relaxing and cleansing treatments that encourage “totally letting go”. At a spa, wraps usually take place in a special room, where body coatings can be removed more easily in a private shower. Wraps are not done easily without a partner and can be quite messy since they require hot or cold sheets, along with the towels and blankets for wrapping. Some spas even have a tent that steams you. In addition, you will need a warm place with a table or bed for you to rest on while the products used have time to make you incredibly smooth and soft.
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Body wraps come in any number of moisturizing, aromatic, rejuvenating substances, ranging from purified mud poultices, to honey, mango, apple, and pears, or other fruit mixtures, paraffin wax, aloe gel, or even seaweed.

When visiting a spa, and you are not sure if what you are reading about on the list of treatments they provided is a body wrap, look for words such as: botanical, herbal, honey, paraffin, seaweed, mud, detoxification, aloe, and such. Sometimes, they may replace the word wrap with mask, masque, or pack.

Read on for a perfect example of one special spa that treats you like a goddess with their herbal body wraps.

The herbal body wrap starts with the attendant giving you a robe and slippers and taking you to the women’s locker room, where you dress down to nothing on. One thing you do not have to worry about when getting naked. Spa’s in general will not make money if their people do anything that isn’t professional. Their business depends on you coming back, so relax and enjoy.

If you have never had an herbal body wrap, the attendant who will be doing your body wraps, who is also, likely, a masseuse, will tell you what steps to expect for your treatment.

You start with a Japanese dry brushing technique. The idea is to wake up your skin and get your circulation moving. She instructs you not to move so the bowls of warm sugar scrub sit on your legs as she scrubs you down. You are never totally naked. A towel always covers your private parts.

After the scrub, you then get a body mask goes over the sugar scrub, which is also the same scent. Your front and back are scrubbed down and then a mask is placed on both sides.

As you are lying there feeling totally relaxed, a tent is placed over you from your neck to your feet. A warm steam blows over you for about twenty minutes. Under the tent, you can remove the towel, if you wish. After your steam bath, you will be feeling so relaxed you won’t want to move. The attendant will come back into the room and ask you if you are totally covered up before the tent is lifted. You then get up and rinse off the scrub/mask, and then she lathers your total body with a body crème.

That would be the shortest 60 to 90 minutes ever and you will, for sure, want to go back just to be totally pampered again.

Short note – After three days, don’t be surprised if your skin still feels as soft as a baby’s skin.

Body wraps not only relax and pamper your body, they relax your mind. The whole idea of someone else pampering you is a treat you must give yourself as often as you can. Give a spa body wrap to your friends or family as the gift of a totally relaxing experience. They will thank you.

**Having had one done, its was the most relaxing thing I have ever done. I can’t wait to do another one soon!

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