You can change your hair by color and by getting your hair cut and styled. You can also had length by getting hair extensions. Just what are hair extensions and how do they work?
Hair extensions worth the money
Starting with just what are hair extensions?

For starters they are an brilliant way to change your image instantly. Some have used them to grow out a bad hair cut, while others test them to see what it would be like to have really long hair right away instead of waiting for it to grow out. Celebrites use them to change up their looks for the movie part they are going to do. It saves their hair from all the wear and damage that can happen from color changes that movie roles ask for.

What are the pros from having hair extensions done?

1- they add volume to your natural hair.

2- it adds length.

3- helps you grow out your hair during that troublesome in-between stage.

4- it’s not permanent.

5- is not damaging (when done correctly)

What are the cons from having hair extensions done?

1- it’s knots or joins can be uncomfortable.

2-If put in incorrectly, they can fracture the root of your hair permanently giving you a bald spot.

3- it can itch or you can react badly to the glue used.

Now you know what the pros and cons of hair extensions are, so what types are there?

There are four basic types of hair extensions:

1- sewn in

2- glued in

3- braided in

4- clips on held in place with combs.

Hair extensions are made from human hair or fake hair.
You can tell by the way it feels and looks. Fake hair types are best for clip ons and when you want to have fun with off the wall colors like blue or pink.

Each type of hair extension application comes with their own types of issues when not done correctly. Or when they are removed they can cause your natural hair damage.

One problem that many do not know of or may of heard of is the type of glue that is used can glow in the dark under black light.
The glue can be really hard on your hair and over-drying when you use the solvent to remove it. The solvent used can weaken your hair when the glue is dissolved.

Problem with sewing in and braiding is they can really itch where your hair and the hair extension, are combined together.
The braids itch at the base and your natural hair can break at the base because of the stress of weight of the hair extension along with your hair.

Having hair extensions sewn, braided, or glued in can be time consuming, can be costly and within six to eight weeks each type needs to be completely redone. There are clips in but there is a fifth type that is new to the market that many not of heard of.

There’s a new style of hair extensions that sits on your scalp like a second skin that you can now ask about. But it’s more costly up front. But instead of needing to be redone in 6-8 weeks, it has been reported to be lasting 6-9 months and a few have lasted up to a year!!

Even if were to wear a ponytail with this type of hair extension, there is little or no fear of breakage of your natural hair. You can’t tell that you have extensions in which is a problem with other types of extensions. Got an important event coming up that needs you to wear your hair in a undo?

You can wear these new type of hair extensions without the fear of anyone knowing you have extensions. The other types of extensions do not offer this ability. Period. The cost averages out to about $100.00 a month and you only need to go in every 6-8 weeks to get them tightened. That would be thought of as a maintenance. These types of extensions are so new that your hair stylist may not of heard of them yet. Your hair would also have to have special training and have to certified to do them.

Each type of hair extensions except for clip in, should be done by a professional who has had the proper training to do them.
Clip ons are fun super fast way to change up your look, they are also a great way to see if hair extensions are really a good idea for you.
I hope this gives you great information about hair extensions and if they are for you or not. I would like to give credit to my hairstylist for his help on writing this article. Thanks Joe!
Copyright Kim Snyder

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