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Shipping & Returns

Thank you for your interest in Overall Beauty. We ship orders as quickly as possible after payment has be verified. To speed delivery, shipments are made from several warehouses and it is possible that your order may be delivered in separate packages. We will keep you informed of shipment progress. Please note that the shipping cost quoted on Overallbeauty is for shipping within the USA and due to the increase in shipping prices,shipping to Canada and Overseas may cost more.


Even if there are special coupon deals going on, there WILL NOT be free shipping as part of the special code deal.
To help clear this up please note USA Orders:
All indie brands are shipped by Overall Beauty but for a few. There will be times that we are out of stock and we try our best to keep you up to date on it. IF you ever got any questions about your order use the Contact Us and we will get right back to you.

BB Couture is shipped by BB Couture.
**Unless its going overseas or Canada, then its shipped to Overall Beauty and we ship it out.**

NOW please understand I have no control over how long it may take them to ship out. Sometimes it’s really fast and other times it can take up to two weeks before they ship out. I do contact them regularly to find out when they are shipping. If you got any questions please contact us!

Dazzle Dry ships Fedex only and in the USA only at this time. If you are overseas and wish to purchase please understand that there is a extra time added to your order before it can be shipped out. Dazzle Dry will have to be shipped to us first then we ship it out to you.

ONLY one coupon code works at one time.

Shipping overseas: If you do not pay for USPS international mail with tracking, we are not responsible for lost packages. There also will not be any tracking information available because it was not paid for.
UPS and US Post Office international express comes with tracking information.
If you go for the cheaper shipping you will be taking a chance your package will not be received. Once it leaves Overall Beauty we are not responsible for it.
US Post Office international express mail might cost you more but it will in turn give you tracking numbers and you will get your package faster as well.
You, the customer are responsible for all import fees, duties, taxes and any other cost related to importing your order.

If the package gets lost in international mail including Canada, we do not give refunds or replace missing products.

Do you ship to Canada?
We accept Canadian credit cards for purchases shipping to Canadian addresses only. Orders are in US Dollars only. Shipping starts at $5.05 and goes up
Please make sure to provide precise Canadian address information including city, province/territory, and postal code information. Remember to spell out the Canadian city to which you are shipping the order. Many times abbreviations, misspellings, and other typos can result in errors in this section.
Your shipping address must be in Canada. Canadian customs has a real bad habit of holding up orders because well they can. Please understand we have no control over what happens to your package after it has left Overallbeauty.com. Sometimes Canadian customs will hold a package up to a month before releasing it.

Processing of all orders will start the following day that order is received, meaning if you order on the weekend, you ordered won’t start being processed till that following Monday. Orders go out in 5 to 7 business days, might take longer during holiday season. With shipping its business days, which are Monday through Friday and yes we do ship on Saturdays!

I do hope this will clear up any misunderstanding that may come about when you order isn’t there when you are counting weekends as well. Thank you for being so understanding with shipping. If you want it sooner, Fedex is possible but please contact us for more information for that will make the cost of shipping higher than the set rate it is now. :)

If missing claims has to be made for your missing package? You do not get a refund for missing package unless somehow it gets return to us.

The more you order, the bigger the box it may end up in. Custom fees/ VAT fees are not covered in your shipping that you pay here. Flat Rate Box holds about 4 bottles. You know your country fees better than I would, more than 6 bottles of polish the size of the box goes up. I will not ship overseas in bubble mailers, I don’t trust them, I have received mailers from shipments overseas and received broken bottles of polish myself.
Some of the shipping for orders a pound or more are coming up over $23.95 or more and it might be more than you are paid for. I may be able to cover the extra costs for you if its only a few dollars.

***VAT fees are on you, sorry ladies I know some countries are getting worse about it. ***

Indie nail polishes tend to weigh a bit more as well.

For those wondering about US Flat Rate Boxes? Overseas, a small flat rate box will hold up to 5 bottles. A medium flat rate box will hold up to 32 bottles. ;) Group buys are welcomed. Just contact us before doing them so that we can be sure that its all in stock for you. ;)

Because most of the products we offer are health related, makeup, skincare bath and body.. Once open they can not be return. If you do not care for a nail polish color it can not be returned for that reason.

No returns or exchanges, all sales final. We do offer some products that do not fall under no returns or exchanges so if you have a question about a product and our return policy on it, please use the contact us page and we will get back with you right away!
Our toll-free phone number is 888-422-2694 if no one answers just leave a message, with your name, time you called as well as your phone number you would like for us to contact you back by.
Updated 4/10/2013