It’s not uncommon to have less than perfect skin. Being our face is seen by everyone everywhere we go, it’s tough not wanting to at least fake having perfect glowing natural looking skin.
And it can be done once you know these simple five tips.

1. Your face is like a canvas, no artist starts with a used canvas so nor should you start with a dirty face. Cleansing your face before starting your day is a good idea anyway. Wash it with a mild cleanser. Also while cleansing use your wash cloth it gently exfoliate any of the dry areas. Foundation when applied tends to magnify any flakiness your skin may have.

2. After cleansing your pat it dry. Apply your moisturizer. If it does not have sunscreen you might want to apply it now. If you are using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation proceed to step four after applying it.

3. Allow any moisturizer that you may be using to soak into the skin for about 5 minutes. If using liquid foundation take a clean makeup sponge dot foundation on your nose, and center of your cheeks. Blend it all over your face, don’t forget under your eyes with your sponge till it’s no longer visible on the skin. If you are using a pressed powder foundation apply it to the entire face, or only in spots that require coverage. If you using powder mineral foundation take your Kabuki brush and be sure to tap it so you are not applying a whole lot of powder foundation in one place. Tap swirl and apply till you have full coverage or only in spots that need the coverage.

4. Disguise the extras. No one has perfect skin and so at times one may have a blemish or two. Apply a skin-tone concealer over the blemishes using a small pointed brush. Blend until no concealer is visible.

5.To finish off your look, to help with excess shine, using either a face puff or Kabuki Brush dust over the foundation with a translucent loose powder.
And there you go easy tips to start you off looking like you have glowing skin, even if you are faking it!

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