Its a question I get asked often because as you can see from this website I sell only what is classified as ‘Indie’ brands of nail polish.
So from a seller’s point of view (which I am) indie brand nail polish is one of two things:
The first type is:
Created by a small business that hand-creates, and hand-pours their brand into bottles and then sells it on their own website, through etsy or through someone like here on
That is in my eyes a true indie brand of nail polish.
The second type is the colors, or ideas for colors are created by one person but poured into bottles by someone else, like the company that had created the custom color idea for the business. They are still a indie brand type because they are small and not main stream like one you would find all over the place. These are also sold off their own website and off other eshops like
The first type of indie brand nail polish would be like My Ten Friends, or Dollish Polish.
The second type of indie brand nail polish would be like BB Couture (who do pour some of their more custom colors themselves), Cult Nails or aEnglands.
Each type of indie brand nail polish are not mass made and many have colors that are only out for a time of year (like Christmas) and not made again. They may have a core set of colors, or they may not depending on how big their production is.
Now Picture Polish on the other hand is still a indie brand of nail polish because you can’t go to your local nail salon (who seem to all offer only OPI) :( and ask for them. They are one of the biggest indie brands I know of.
Now at any point these indie brands will take off and you will someday find them in your local nail salon.. ;) To me that would be the biggest dream for any indie brand.
I hope this helps, I have read what others think ‘indie brand nail polish’ are, but they are from the customer point of view. I am a reseller of only indie brands. But I am true lover of them like anyone who loves their indie brands! We all have our favorites don’t we? ;)

Copyright 2014 Kim Snyder owner/creator Overall Beauty Minerals and glitter nail polish junkie :D

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