There really isn’t a basic makeup brush any longer with so many choices out there, from sizes to types there is a makeup brush for just about anything you might do with makeup in general.
makeup brush
Just what is a makeup brush created with? A basic makeup brush is made with three parts, the bristles, ferrule and handle.

Brushes come in all sizes, shapes and types. For example you have your square, tapered, dome, blunt, angled and pointed bristle shapes. They come in all sizes from mini to extra large; the bristles come in super soft to coarse. Bristles (the part of the brush you use to apply with) comes in different textures, animal hair and synthetic. The handles come in short, fat, thin, long and different items are that they will made from.

If you really want to break down even further, natural hair makeup brushes come in sable, badger, squirrel, goat, pony, mongoose, ox, camel, and boar. The synthetic bristles can included, Taklon, polyester and nylon. Each type of bristle can be created with a combinations of items, such as many natural bristles are made with sable and badger together.

Now there are a lot of brushes out there now that are cruelty free. Look for that label if you want to still use brushes made from animal hair. For those animal lovers out there, the reason why natural bristles will never probably stop being sold comes down to this simple factor; natural bristles are best for face finishing powder, bronzers, blush and eye shadows. Synthetic brushes work best for cream based products such as lipstick, foundation, concealer and liquid eyeliners. Kabuki brushes which are mostly use for applying mineral powder foundation with, come in either animal hair which is the softest and applies the best or synthetic. Which proves that not all face products need to made with animal hair. It comes down to you the person applying makeup to decide with is best for you.

Holding the bristles to the handle is a slim crimped metal piece called a ferrule. It’s just as important as the bristles or handle is! Why you ask? Well for starters it comes in different types such as brass, copper, nickel or aluminum to name a few. The craftsmanship of the ferrule is important because it holds the bristle to the handle. If it’s not made correctly or poorly, you might be applying your makeup one day to have your bristles fall right off the handle!

The last of three parts to a makeup brush is the handle. Yes the type of handle does matter when applying makeup. Each type of handle has a role to play when applying makeup. Short fat handles are found on powder and blush brushes when long thin ones are usually for your eye shadows and eyeliner. Your options from what it is made from is usually wood, plastic, bamboo, acrylics, recycled materials and resin.

A thicker wood handle for example works great for applying blush, bronzer and finishing powders. Kabuki brushes can come with the tiniest handle, just enough for you to hold on to. Most eye shadow brushes come with long handles. Short handles are also great for travel sets and can be easier to hold on to than long thin handles can be.

Using a longer thinner handle gives you more precise application when applying eyeliner and eye shadows. It comes down to what you are most comfortable using and what you are applying.

It important to use the right makeup brush when apply your makeup; don’t be afraid to pay top dollar for it. You may find that many eco makeup brushes are more affordable than you think they might be. Ask questions, if possible test the makeup brush against your skin before buying. And remember you can never have too many brushes!

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