AS you know Back to School sales are starting up already! Summer isn’t even over yet!
Can you believe it will soon be back to school for some kids? Where did the summer go?
Much Needed Beauty Products For Back To School Tips For your Amazing Teenagers!
Now besides new clothes, shoes and school items what else do they need?
Teenagers shopping at OverallBeauty
Well I was thinking about it and I came up with a few idea for you.
**Please note this may not work for your daughter but if you are really looking for a mother/daughter time together? Makeup is a good ice breaker..Just be willing to spend money.** ;)
Here are a few tips on what you may like to give your daughter or son as they start school. Jr. High and High School can be really tough, specially the first year. Teenagers want to blend in not stand out. So why not help out their self-esteem with beauty products that can help? Looks are so very important these days, even more than before!
Tips for ladies:
A new purse and small makeup bag to in the purse. Make sure the purse is up to date style and had all the pockets you need for phones, iPods etc.
New basic makeup (if they wear makeup, if not at least a new comb or brush depending on their hair)
The reason for new makeup maybe they won’t share it. You never know what you might get if you are using others makeup. Pink eye comes to mind which is really nasty.

What kind of makeup?
dupe for NARS Blush is Sweet Cheeks
I recommend a set of brown neutrals as well as many a few trending colors depending of the ladies want to wear.
Save room by having a eyeliner that can double as a eyebrow pencil. A pencil will work better than gel or cake would. If you do your eyebrows you really open up your eyes and it pretty works for anyone.
A couple of makeup brushes some small enough to fit in the cosmetic bag. If you can find double ended makeup brushes they take up less room . Also a color that that can used as blush and in a hurry and be applied over lip balm to give it color. A powder mineral brush would work for both.

Don’t forget mascara and a sunscreen that doubles as foundation. There are lots of BB Cream now that comes in colors that would work. Add a few makeup wipes packets and a few lip balms and you got all the beauty products a lady would need for school. Be sure you take you daughter with you to be sure you get what works for her. Or look over she wears now and buy new items. Mineral makeup is all rage so but a few colors would be fun. They are long lasting and you can create your own personal custom colors. Something to think about.

For the guys maybe a new belt and one of those clip on phone carrying case. Making sure it looks really cool and easy to get to. Guys are really easy to shop for but you have to stress now for the guys he got to start now washing his face.
Skincare. One of the most important caring for both boys and girls. If they have acne be sure to get skincare products to help clean it as much as you can. Start at least a month before school it has time to do its job. It’s amazing how clear skin can help a guys or ladies self-esteem so be sure to get the guys shaving products if he can shave yet and shaver for the ladies.
You would be surprised at what can get a guy to wash his face and take care of his acne so that it isn’t as bad as it could be. Ask him if he plans on dating this year or not. He may blush and not answer but if you are willing to help him look his best, he will thank you when he gets older. If he can shave? Be sure he understands young ladies like to see a nice clear face as a sign that he knows how to take care of himself.
Now you can send your children off to school knowing that at least they feel better about themselves. When you are going school, you want to look for your best.
You would surprised how makeup can make a your lady or clear skin for guys ready for another tough year.

Copyright 2014 Kim Snyder Owner/Creater Overall Beauty Minerals pure vegan mineral makeup line

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