Having the right beauty tools on hand can be the difference between an okay look and a spectacular look. Both women and men invest a lot of money in their appearance. If you have the clothes, accessories, brand named make-up and hair products, why would you skimp on the tools that you would use to finish creating the perfect look?

You create really professional makeup look, you need the right beauty tools. Its time to throw away your Q-Tips and those little freebie brushes and sponges that come with your makeup. It’s time to start building a small collection of essential beauty tools. If you want to enhance your look and give yourself a greater payoff for the money you have already invested in your make-up, its time to start thinking about what you been using. For a couple hundred dollars, you can find the kind of tools any professional would be proud to use.

Makeup brushes are among the key tools used by all make-up artists. They are not, however, a one-size-fits-all solution to your make-up needs. There are different brushes for different jobs, and if you want to create the best look you want to choose the correct brush.

Some of the must-have makeup brushes are:

Foundation brush – use it to achieve a superior natural finish when applying either cream or liquid foundation. When putting on foundation first put a small spot of foundation on the back of your hand and then dip the foundation brush into that before applying the foundation with downward strokes spreading out near the jaw and hairline. Also when putting on foundation your fingers work just as well and some may find it easier to use them. As with all makeup brushes your choices are synthetic-bristled or natural-bristled, you may choose which works best for you.

Concealer brush – concealer is meant be used in small amounts to cover blemishes and other imperfections. A small-tipped brush is perfect for applying just the right amount of concealer to camouflage blemishes. Its best to use a brush made for concealer because its meant to apply just the right amount without making what you are trying to conceal show. For those who have dark circles under your eyes you would use the concealer brush because they are small-tipped with a wider base giving you a precision application and with easy blending.

Blush brush – also called a powder brush, a blush brush should be large, with a dome-shaped head. You can use the same brush to apply blush of bronzer and to top it with a light-as-air coat of translucent face powder for a sheer effect. If you are using mineral makeup then the Kabuki brush is one of the best to use. It’s a multi tool brush to have so you may want to have more than one in your makeup bag.

Eye shadow brush – cream or shadow eye shadows should be with a sable brush. Selecting a dense, angled brush will give you vivid color while an all purpose brush will result in a softer look. You need to have a collection of them do to the fact they are your most used brushes. Have a set just for eye shadows and a set for creams. You will find that some of the best eye shadow brushes are now synthetic-bristled and cruelty free.

Eyeliner brush – supremely fine bristles make these brushes the best for defining the top and bottom of your eyelids. Because they are fine tipped you can use them with mineral eye shadows to create with dry or wet. The best to use but also the difficult to find are brushes with an arch. Even harder to find are long handled eyeliner brushes with an arch.

Lip brush – stiff synthetic lip brushes give you the control necessary to define your lips. They also work well to give a smooth finish to dark colors or to add gloss for extra shine. Most lip brushes come with a lid or are retractable. They are mostly used by makeup artists because who has time to use one when just applying your lipstick straight from the tube is easier and saves time?

There are a few miscellaneous beauty tools one needs as well. Aside from the brushes mentioned above, here are some of the essentials you should be adding to your make-up bag if you don’t already have them.

Tweezers – great for ridding yourself of any pesky stray facial hairs. Also used to do one’s eyebrows if you are not having them professionally done. A basic pair will do fine.

Eyelash curlers – with a few exceptions, most of us don’t have lovely, curly lashes. This inexpensive tool is a must have in all makeup bags. Using it will help you achieve dazzling eyes with little work. There are ones that use heat can improve the curl but most of us use the one with.

Brush Cleaner – make-up brushes and tools can carry bacteria and should be cleaned regularly. Its something we must remember to do but most of us forget. Brush cleaners are available if you have a lot of brushes, but its just as easy to use a mild hand soap or shampoo to clean them. Before drying on a folded towel, use your fingers to re-shape your wet brushes. Aside from removing unwanted bacteria, cleaning your tools will also help preserve them for years of use to come. Be sure to lay them on their side to dry not standing up.

Getting all these beauty tools together would also be a great gift for a friend. Once you have got this collection of beauty tools you will find that creating your must have look with will be easier than ever before. Take care of your brushes and they will take care of you.

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