Do you remember how you applied your makeup when you were younger? Now over 40 it is time to take a good look at how you are applying eyeliner for starters.
When you were younger, you may have chosen bold, even harsh eyeliner colors and application methods or didn’t bother wearing makeup at all. We all grew up seeing bold looks in women’s magazines, especially at nighttime parties, you really wanted your eyes to stand out. What a model wears in the magazines tends not to transfer over well into real life. But we couldn’t stop wanting to try right?

One of the major ways of how we did that as younger women was to choose dark eye liners, usually black and we applied it completely around our eyes, top and bottom, and possibly line inside the eye lid on the lower lash set. It tended to make our eyes look smaller by having the eyeliner meet at the corner of our eyes.

What can you do now that you are over 40 and still want to wear eyeliner, or start learning how?
First off you need to brighten and open up your eyes. That means lining with softer colors and only lining the top lashes, toward the outer area, not right down into the eye lid where it gets close to the bridge of your nose. It is time to throw out your basic black eyeliner for softer shades of browns or gray.

When you put the eyeliner under your eyes, it actually draws attention to the dark circles you have there – so if that’s an issue for you, there’s another reason to avoid the under eyeliner.

It is for sure time to skip the liquid eyeliners that draw a harsh line on your upper lids. Cake eyeliner is a great idea because it can be smudged as well as pencils can. Even if it’s just the upper lid that you’re using it on, liquid eyeliners are just too strict to work well for an aging face. Instead, you want to use a pencil liner and then smudge it in to make it look more natural and soft.

By changing how you apply your eyeliner, it can change how your face looks. If you are not sure how to apply eyeliner or what types would work best on your eyelids, visit your local department store and have a good chat with one of their makeup artists.
Hope these tips help!
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