Overall Beauty Minerals

It’s time to be: Be Beautiful Be Confident Be You! Pure Natural Mineral Makeup.. by Overall Beauty Minerals! We are your vegan mineral makeup line! Specializing in rich deep heavy pigmented powder loose eye shadows.

With shades of your everyday shades of browns, pinks and golds. Starting to offer mattes, highlighters and deep rich purples, blues and high shimmers. What is makeup if you can’t fun with it?

We keep our packaging simple for all Overall Beauty Minerals by not paying the costs for the higher priced for frilly jars and boxes, we passing the savings onto you the consumer. What comes in the jar is way more important don’t you think? Overall Beauty Minerals is animal cruelty free. We do not test on animals, nor do we believe in testing on animals.
Overall Beauty Minerals is gluten-free! Meaning we are free of Wheat, Oat, Rye and/or Barley derived ingredients. ;)

In compliance with FDA regulations all eyeshadows/blushes/foundations are filled by WEIGHT.
3 Gram jars Sample Size (by volume) contain .25 grams of product by weight (about 1/4 teaspoon)
3 Gram jars ( by volume) contain .50 grams of product by weight
5 Gram jars ( by volume) contain 1 gram of product by weight
10 Gram jars (by volume) contains 2 grams of product by weight

Latest comment & thank you! June 20th, 2014
Hi Kim,
I’ve received the eye shadows on 17-06 and I’m wearing them today! They are lovely. Very wearable indeed. Especially during the day.. Not too shimmery! I’m very pleased! Thanks again for the fast service. :)
Jolijn ~ Denmark