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Vegan 5 Piece Gift Set Vegan Mineral Eye Shadows-Blush

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Vegan Mineral Eye Shadow Gift Set/Browns/White Highlighter/ Cruelty Free/ Mineral Makeup Gift Set
This set is based on things that you expect with you are on the internet. For those who enjoy the Internet for checking on friends or family.. May of never heard this terms before.. Those of us who do a bit more, or enjoy reading about it.. this set is for you!

These are real things that happen, or we are lucky enough to have them helping in the background. White Hat in the photo is someone who tracks down and fixes cyber attacks. Black Hat are those who go out of the way to attach a website because they feel a lot of times that they can get away with it. White Hat are the ones that stop and fight against Black Hat.

Not something everyone knows about. The mineral eye shadow shade is a soft white with a blue shimmer to it. Can be worn as a highlight or as a eye shadow.

The gray eye shadow is called Virtual Reality because everyone’ idea of reality isn’t always the same. Try playing video games for example. I play match three and my son plays games that are really hard for me to follow.

To each their own reality. <- there are even headsets you can buy that can cover your eyes so all you see and react to are what you are seeing what is happening right in front of your eyes! Now the peachy shade is a really fun color! Now I will say this, Joker is not named because is inspired the Joker from the Batman series. This shade isn't any colors I would think would have anything to do with the movie character Joker. We all have user names for sites we visit all the time, either using our names, names plus numbers or famous people we are fans of. User names are never the same, but always so much fun! It is called Joker after the idea that someone might use it as a user name. And Joker is just wonky.. This peach shade can used in more than just one way! 😉 1~ Apply dry as a eye shadow 2~ Mixed with a bit of water and it becomes a really nice shade 3~ Mixed with water and it can become a eyeliner and can be worn in your water line and stay put 4~ Go really easy and you can use it as a blush as well. The color looks amazing with my blonde hair and fair complexion 5~ Mix it with clear lip gloss to create amazing lip color. See what I mean? There is a bit of Joker that has something for everyone! Colors not in the image are: Inside Job.. It is a color that I have been offering for a while now. I didn’t get the rest of the set done till today. It fits right in what I am offering in their gift set.
Cyber Wars – I just started offering this color. It is a really dark rich brown with shimmery of blue
The last color is Secret Files..It seems nothing is safe anymore. No matter what, you take the time to dig up something you will find what that person wanted so much to hide.
That is my newest eye shadow gift set! Hope you enjoyed the names and the reasons behind them as much as I do!

All of our MINERALS have a higher percentage of pure mineral pigments and NO FILLERS, so a small amount on your eyelids provides the same color depth as a heavy application of traditional pressed powder eye makeup. A 5G jar of Overall Beauty MINERALS will last about twice as long as the same amount of cake eye shadow.

We do NOT use talc, carmine or bismuth oxychloride in our makeup
Zinc Oxide USP, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxides, may have Ultramarine Blue Kaolin Clay

Please note: that the shade color samples pictured are a photographic representation only, your computer may cause color to vary just a little bit – in true form, the colors are way more stunning and vibrant!

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Weight 3 oz

Sample, 5 Gram


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