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Brown with rich little shimmer. Looks amazing wet or dry! The photo shows it applied dry without a eye shadow primer and this applied mixed with a bit of water so show what it looks like applied with water. It is a really cool brown to add to anyone’s wear to work shades.
If you lived any where it is really dry, where you see dry tumbleweeds rolling over the dirt roads you will understand why this color got its name. Tumbleweeds tend to come in a lot of different shades of browns

Samples/5 gram > sample sizes are about 1/4 of a teaspoon. That way you receive enough to really test out my eye shadows. Also my samples do not come in baggies they come in jars sealed for your protection!

All of our MINERALS have a higher percentage of pure mineral pigments and NO FILLERS, so a small amount on your eyelids provides the same color depth as a heavy application of traditional pressed powder eye makeup. A 5G jar of Overall Beauty MINERALS will last about twice as long as the same amount of cake eye shadow.

Question for the day.
How you would apply this mineral eye shadow as eyeliner?
What I do is take a little bit of Tumbleweeds and put it into the lid of the jar. Take a small mini brush and get the brush wet. Then mix a little bit of Tumbleweeds with the water from the brush. It will look like wet paint.
I then apply it at the base of my lashes, in between the lashes as well. I do not try to apply it all at once. By adding dots of Tumbleweeds- I then connect the dots. That way I do not make a mistake, and being I have very light lashes, it helps with adding a little color at the base of the lashes.
As crazy as that might be because you are mixing it with water to apply as a mineral eyeliner. I personally wore it over the weekend and it stayed put.
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Please note: that the shade color samples pictured are a photographic representation only, your computer may cause color to vary just a little bit – in true form, the colors are intense and long lasting!

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