What we wear and what we do not wear can make a good or back first impression. It doesn’t matter at what age, we still need to do a little something to help mother nature keep us looking good. Does everyone need to wear makeup? No not really but if you are a pale blond for example with blond hair you are going to be so pale that you need that little extra that makeup does. Going natural without makeup or wearing makeup, will always be a choice but what are you doing to make the best first impression?

Are you trying too hard to cover something up, or hide what you really look like? Do you follow what you see on the latest beauty icon in hope that men would find you as beautiful as she is? What does your makeup style really say about you?

How much time does it take for you to get ready in the morning? For some it takes less than five minutes they jump out of the shower put on their face cream, maybe sunscreen and out the door forgetting to even to bother with makeup at all. Many women have just become too tired to even bother not knowing that just taking a little time for them selves is actually a good thing.

Makeup can make you, it can define who you are. It can also make you look older than you are if it’s been forgotten to be removed the night before. Don’t believe anyone that says you can sleep in your makeup. Its really is bad for your skin, it can cause blackheads and with some even adult acne.

Today’s teenagers are taking their clues for what makeup should be from the movies and singers. The movies are not the best example for sure but their mom’s do not wear makeup whom is going to show them what is the best ways to wear it? Don’t give it up on your own makeup style just because you feel after being married too long it no longer matters. It does and it should. We are still women, and you have to remember he married a sexy lady, where is she now?

We forget that a little makeup can help not take away from our own natural beauty. Helping it truly shine out and show the world we care. Taking a little time and just putting on mascara and blush and maybe lip gloss brings out your eyes, brightens up your whole look. Sometimes its all we need to help give us a better outlook on our day.

Think of makeup as part of you, not something you just layer on in hopes that it works by making you look like beauty icon. Your makeup doesn’t need to be layers of foundation, blush, 3 types of eye shadow, 4 layers of mascara and super thick eyeliner. That look has been out of style for years but you can still see it every day, mostly on ladies over 40.

Using foundation is something one uses to help with covering up little imperfections not look like a mask. Even today you still see someone with a line where their chin ends and their neck begins. If you can see the change in color from your cheek to your neck you have way too much on. If you are not sure that you may be wearing too much, change the lighting in your dressing room to show more of a natural light. This will help you see what it will look at out in public. Your blush should give you a glow not been seen as a streak across one’s cheek. Do you really need that many eye shadows? Are you still wearing the eye shadow colors you wore as a teenager? Realize that what you wore then may not be right now. As we age our makeup style needs to show this fact. As we get older we need to wear less not more. These days with time being in short supply one color that opens up your eyes is all you need. Look for a color that brings out the color or your eyes not take away from it.

If you are over 40, it’s time to make bronzer your new best friend. It can help give you a natural glow without bringing notice to any fine lines you may have. Mascara is a must no matter what age you may be, so don’t forget it when you are getting ready. Basic black mascara works on everyone.

With our busy lives a little makeup can help bring out your natural beauty without taking up more than 5 minutes in the morning. No matter your age, a little makeup helps our self esteem a lot more than we ever realize.

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