Your teenager years are definitely the “best of times and the worst of times.” This is because the world is opening up to you like an exciting book. Each page of your life is filled with new challenges and excitement. You are on the threshold of adulthood and sometimes it can be very confusing. At this age your skin is also undergoing changes. Hormones are kicking in and will often play havoc with your skin. The last thing you need just before you go out on that important date is to see your face erupting in ugly pimples and blotches.

Firstly do not panic! This is a normal reaction to stress and is often due to hormone changes at thteen showing off glowing skinis age. In order to reduce these breakouts it is necessary to take special care of your skin. If you do this you will reduce immediate problems and decrease future ones. Many skin problems begin at this time of life and can cause ongoing troubles if you do not take care of them when you are a teenager.

The first thing you should do is understand what sort of skin type you have.
Skin can be divided into 3 main types; oily, dry and neutral. You can also have a mixture of these skin types. For example you can have normal skin with oily patches around your nose and forehead, which can also extend to your chin. This is known as a T-shaped oily patch on your face. These oily areas should be treated like oily skin. If you have sensitive skin you should take extra care with skin products.

Oily: This is most common. Even if you never had oily skin before you may have it now. This type of skin gives rise to many of the problems you experience in these teenage years. Your oil glands in your face can often start producing more oil than normal during the adolescence years. Much of this is due to the changing hormones that occurs at this age and will calm down in a couple of years.

You should be careful to clean your face in the morning and night time. Good basic cleansing will help you cut down a lot of skin problems. Another thing to be careful of is what you are using as make up. Try to use natural and water based make up as this is better for your skin. You can use medicated soap if you have a lot of blemishes and pimples. However if acne is present you should consult your doctor. Try to adjust your diet and use some natural medications for it. Never leave makeup on overnight as this is very bad for your skin. Try to use light natural make up and not too much foundation as this can clog your pores. Being careful with the types of foundation you are using can help your skin as well. There is tinted moisturizers that will help your skin with adding the heaviness of a liquid fountation.

Diet plays a strong role in the health of your skin. It is important at this age to eat a nutritious healthy diet. Junk food, soda and an excess of sugar will deteriorate your skin. Try to eat fresh fruits, vegetables and unrefined foods. Of course not everyone is a veggie freak so try being creative. Fresh fruit shakes made with plain yogurt, unsweetened fruits and a little sweetener are great to start the day with and are natural energy drinks. Drink lots of plain water throughout the day. This will flush impurities from your system and keep your skin supple and hydrated. Vitamin E is very good for your skin, as is Vitamin B, C, and A. minerals are important for your skin’s nutrition. You will get all this when you eat a healthy diet.
Remember when you take care of your skin today you will set yourself up for beautiful healthy skin for life.

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