Vitamin E Sticks are a wonderful little product to have in your pocket or purse. But just what is a Vitamin E Stick and what can the be used for? Reviva Labs has one that what they call “Ultimate, Natural Lip & Under Eye Protection.” It has UVA/UVB Protection.. and helps with sun & wind damage, cracking & drying as well as chapping.
Now I cover some of them below but I came up with a few myself because I had to deal with it (my son)
Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick
1~This amazing little item is so cool for anything area that you have on your face that maybe dry.
2~Use on your lips anytime day or night. Great to apply to your lips before bedtime to help keep them moist.
3~You out of eye cream? You can apply it under your eyes to help your under-eye area.
4~Got a son/husband who has super sensitive skin, that gets what look like burn spots on their face? That then can flake with dry pieces of skin? While you can calm down the problem with Lavender scented Tea Tree Oil.. (yes it does work!) But that takes time, a couple nights of using the Tea Tree Oil there is still the issue during the day.
Well if you got a Vitamin E Stick on hand, give it to them! It is not like a lip balm that maybe scented or greasy it easy to apply in the bathroom. Anything to help the son/husband face right? Also tell them to change the razor blade more often but that is another story..
5~Do you ski? Vitamin E Sticks are great because as well as having no favor they are really small and easy to carry with you. I tried skiing once and you sure get a lot of damage to your skin from the wind as well as the sun.
6~Now guys? You can carry a Vitamin E Stick with you and apply it to your lips without anyone looking at you funny. No one likes chapped lips, and for sure no one wants to kiss them!

I have found that it last longer than your average lip balm does but it will like some lip balms, it can melt if you leave it in your car when it is super hot. Just stand it up while still in a melted stage on its base indoors and it will go back pretty much the shape it was before you melted in in the cap. AT least that is what I have found works.
It is awesome what one little stick can do for your face. It does have Beewax in it so it isn’t for vegans. But other than that. It is one amazing product to always have on hand.

Copyright 2014 Kim Snyder

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