Mineral makeup as a type of makeup as been around for years. In fact all makeup overall is based on minerals of some type some. If you think it isn’t, will that is a myth. Most of those who know about mineral makeup think that is just powder foundation. That is not the only product that is created from minerals. Right now Overall Beauty Minerals is just eye shadows and blushes but that doesn’t stop the questions I am asked about why vegan mineral makeup line. There are so many vegan makeup companies out there I have lost count. I will not judge other brands, to each their own. :D This is what I believe in is vegan mineral cosmetics over all that works for me..

Here is a list of questions I have been asked about why I offer vegan only mineral makeup line. And why it’s so important. I thought I would put all the questions here so you can learn about vegan cosmetics. It is not a easy answer for sure!
vegan mineral powder blush

1~Why vegan mineral makeup? That is such a great question! Overall Beauty Minerals is vegan because it was the best type of mineral makeup that I can offer. As pure as possible with the least number of ingredients.

2~Are you vegan? Besides being asked why vegan mineral makeup line! I love these question because I kind of wish I could be. I am not vegan, but I could live the rest of my life if I never ate meat again. I have guys that I cook for and they are the true meat eaters in my family. :(

3~So just what is vegan mineral makeup? This a question that has more than one answer. Vegan mineral makeup as a whole has no animal by-parts such as bees wax and carmine which is what gives most reds and pinks there color. Carmine is ground up beetle. That is the general idea of all vegan mineral makeup. After that, this is where it changes. As you see I do use cosmetic dyes which are FDA dyes that have been around for years, Blue, Red, Yellow etc. They may of been around for years but that doesn’t mean they are good for you. In fact cosmetic dyes have been around since the late 1900′s but colors have been taken off the market has they have found that cause harm to lab rats. Cancer seems to be the biggest issue they cause. There is so many ideas of what is the best way to go about not using them.
Here is a quote of what these types of dyes are and why they are not the best for you:
“Color additives are subject to a strict system of approval under U.S. law [Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), sec. 721; 21 U.S.C. 379e]. Except in the case of coal-tar hair dyes, failure to meet U.S. color additive requirements causes a cosmetic to be adulterated [FD&C Act, sec. 601(e); 21 U.S. Code 361(e)]. Color additive violations are a common reason for detaining imported cosmetic products offered for entry into this country.” You can read the rest of this article here: FDA approved Cosmetic Dyes

Overall Beauty Minerals
has chosen not to use any cosmetic dyes because there is no way of knowing if those who used our line does not have a bad reaction to our colors. Nothing against other brands if they are using them, we all make our own choices of what works for the creator. Now due to some many allergies to makeup over all that is one of the biggest reasons why those who wear cosmetics are turning to mineral makeup.
I have a article here:
Why am I breaking out from my mineral makeup?

Also all mineral makeup lines, as well as major makeup cosmetics can be found most proud of the fact there is no testing on animals. There are some who are own by companies that still do. That is a whole article all to it’s own. :(

I feel very strongly that is no need for it period! As some brands will also offer skincare products you will find that they will tend to be found with the least number of ingredients. Many mineral lines will be free of presesuatives and fillers such as talc (most major companies use talc as their number one ingredient in their makeup, it is cheap but not good for you. It is the same stuff you find what you would put on your babies when you change their diapers.)
I have a article about what will probably find in mineral makeup as well why it is not good for you:
What maybe found in basic mineral lines

4~Are there other ingredients used in vegan mineral makeup that may or may not be good? Ferric Ferrocyanide is the only other ingredient that is not in Overall Beauty Minerals beyond others that all vegan mineral makeup lines do not have. This is the color that can only be used around the eyes and is not approved by the FDA to be used on your lips. Many mineral makeup companies may use this ingredient due to just how hard it can be to create purples. And yes it is really tough. ;)

Now I am such a big believer in why vegan mineral makeup is the best to wear I have written three other articles about mineral makeup over all:
What may or may not be found in your mineral makeup Part One
What you may expect to be found in your mineral makeup Part Two
Why you maybe have allergy reactions to your mineral makeup
As you can see overall it mineral makeup is the best way to go if you want your makeup to be as pure as possible. Now you can also see why Overall Beauty Minerals is vegan. Just to remind you : I am not judging other mineral makeup brands. I will never do that! We each create what works for our customer base! I hope that this article as long as it maybe, teaches you about mineral makeup and helps you decide what type you wish to wear.

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