Your Last Time Just Ran Out – Poem by Kim Snyder

Your Last Time Just Ran Out – Poem by Kim Snyder

Watching you over the lip of my morning coffee cup
I watch you as you paced in front of me —
I started to debate within myself
If I really wanted to know why —
You have said nothing to me since you came home late last night-
It’s the third time this week
Before I knew who they were —
Now I don’t even care –
You keep pacing back and forth in front of me as if debating within
How you want to say what is on your mind –

I just watch –
Already playing out in my mind, because I already know
just what you’re going to say –
How you will start off with, by trying to tell me
It’s for my own good that you have to leave –
I shake my head, guessing you want to let me down easy,
trying not hurt my feelings yet again –
How you won’t be back this time –
I know you, and you will be back –
Telling me this will be the last time yet again –
After all, this isn’t the first time —

Sighing deep inside, I have decided to change
Just how this whole episode of you leaving,
Is going to turn out —
thinking you can come back at will – while I pretend I’m so much in love with you –
taking you back because I can’t live without you —

Well, it’s my turn –
It’s time I’m going to tell you just what I think of this little game of yours.
Either way, you will be walking out that door –
and you will not be able to walk back in, as if nothing has happened
I don’t care about you any longer, your late nights, other women, is making this so really easy to say –

“I will be changing all the locks after you walk out this time”
As I take a sip of my now cold coffee –
I just watch as you start looking like your world just fell apart–
“All the leftover clothes that do not fit in your luggage.
I will be given away to the local homeless shelter in your honor.
All phone numbers will be changed. Not a single friend of yours or mine will give you the new number.
Any visits here, I will call the police and tell them I have a stalker that won’t go away.
Your emails will be listed as spam, dumped before I even bother to read them”
Now you are starting to look like you are going into shock –

Bet you never thought I would go this far
Humm now that is a new look, what a lovely shade of green, I can’t help but smile –
I finish up my cold coffee – getting up from the kitchen table,
I rinse out my cup and I place the coffee cup in the sink –
turning towards you, with a big smile on my face –

“Now, can I help you pack?”

Copyright 2020 Kim Snyder

This is a older poem that I just thought I would add for fun. And to be honest, I did something like this before I got married. I was so pissed at him, that I kicked him out. That was over 40 years ago! But I still remember just how mad he made me, coming home with another woman’s perfume on him. It was before I met my husband now of over 40 years.

Header image by Photo by Rachel Claire

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