Having Fun Creating Custom Colors at Overall Beauty Minerals – Including Recipes For you!

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Having Fun Creating Custom Colors at Overall Beauty Minerals – Including Recipes For you!

It has been a very fun, busy week so far! I get colors requests from time to time, but so far this week? I got requests for a black, and gold, and a purple and a deep dark mica-free red! A lot of the time I get requests for custom color because the customer is looking for a color that she wants vegan, talc free and sometimes even mica-free as well.
Every color that is created by me is vegan, talc free and yes now I am offering quite a few colors that are mica-free. 😉
Custom colors can be really simple to create, and sometimes? When you are matching a photo? It can be a bit harder. Starting with the new gold? (name is Happy Cat) She had sent me photos of colors she was looking for, and then after answering a few questions, I got to work.
Happy Cat - Overall Beauty Minerals
Happy Cat – dark gold with heavy gold sparkle >
Starting with a dark gold mineral eyeshadow I added gold called Artic Gold and Gold Shimmer. By making sure I didn’t lose the dark gold, I added as well Silk Mica and as well as Syn Sparkle Gold. I tend to use ingredients mostly from two wholesalers, TKB Trading and Just Pigments. Sometimes I will find just the right shade at Mad Micas. Rarely does TKB not have what I need, so I check Just Pigments, and they had just the right shade of gold I needed.
Interested in the recipe? 😀 Would you believe I have not posted any of my recipes before? Yeah, wow huh??
Here you go!

Happy Cat

3 Tablespoons – Aztec Gold CP-305 (Just Pigments)
1 Tablespoon – Silk Mica (TKB Trading)
2 Teaspoons – Artic Gold (TKB Trading)
1 Teaspoon – Syn Sparkle Gold (Just Pigments)

I tend to blend it in the coffee grinder I have that is just for creating makeup with. I added Aztec Gold, Silk Mica, and blended them first together. Then with Artic Gold and Syn Sparkle Gold I added them to the first mixture and then blended it to the count of 10. And no more than that.

Another color I created is called Jetsetter > shimmer black with gold shimmer added.
Here is the recipe for this really beautiful shimmer black! This customer was looking for a black with heavy gold shimmer/sparkle to it. I had one that was heavy silver shimmer/sparkle to it, but not one with gold.


2 Tablespoons – Macy Gray (Mad Micas)
1 Tablespoon – Basic Black (this color I offer by the same name)
1/4 Teaspoon – Golden Shift (TKB Trading)
1/4 Teaspoon – Gold Sparkle (TKB Trading)
1/2 Teaspoon – Artic Gold (TKB Trading)

See? No joke that I get most of my major ingredients from TKB. I started off with adding Macy Gray and Basic Black and blended them. I added the next 3 ingredients and blended them for a count of 10. Shook the mixture a few times and put it back on the grinder for another count to 5. When you look at the color itself? You can see the shimmer and the sparkle at the same time!

The other colors I created were a bit more involved. The purple which I am calling BBF has a few very costly ingredients. But still, she loved it!

I have been creating my own colors since 2009 and I have sold them on my own website and now I just offer them at kmmsbeauty.com So if you have ever wondered if I am the creator as well as the seller? I am! I love what I do and creating colors is a joy and fun at the same time! Knowing I have made someone happy? I love it!

Stay tune to more posts where I will share recipes for colors that I offer that I think you might like to figure out and create yourself. With a few ingredients, you can create colors you will love to wear and share!

Check out TKB Trading here:
Check out Just Pigments here:
Check out Mad Micas here:
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