5 Simple Tips to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

5 Simple Tips to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

(NC) Lower your energy usage:
 By using less energy, you can help to reduce carbon emissions. There are a number of ways you can save energy at home, including switching off standby appliances, moderating your use of your AC and hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer. Or reminding everyone, if you are not in the room, turn off the lights! 😀

Reduce, reuse and compost: Be conscious of the products you are shopping for and look for eco-friendly options such as reusable containers and jars or gifting pre-loved clothes to friends and local charities. Looking for patterns, books, designs and ideas from gone by time? Visit VintageKMMSDelights to find lots of counted cross stitch books and patterns, quilting books, and so much more!

Composting food versus throwing food in the garbage when possible is also a great plan. California is trying to lead the way on getting everyone on board to stop throwing out your food in the trash.

Research has found that the younger or wealthier you are, the more food you tend to toss. In America, the average household loses around $1,866 per year on food waste. Another estimate suggested that the typical American throws away about a pound of food every day.
Simply put, that’s a lot of food being sent to landfills, where it rots and releases damaging greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Wasted and lost food accounts for roughly 8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to human activity every year, according to a U.N. estimate. Visit https://www.discovermagazine.com To read the rest of the article with amazing tips.

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Grow your own produce:
Building a small box garden or herb garden can be simple, easy and great for the environment. Even if you don’t have space or time to care for something extensive, you might be surprised what you can grow in containers on your balcony or porch, from tomatoes to hot peppers.

Support sustainable businesses:
With a little research, you can easily find businesses that are making sustainable choices, such as Henry of Pelham Winery, which models sustainability from soil to shelf. In fact, they are launching a new sustainability tour June 2022 where you can learn more about sustainability in wine. 

 Save water in your home:
Be conscious of using excessive water when brushing your teeth or showering. I never leave the water running when I brush my teeth. I have never seen any reason to waste water like that.

Catch rain water in your backyard to repurpose for your garden, and try installing a water bucket to make use of gray water to avoid wasting drinking water. Doesn’t sound like something that would be easy to do. I reuse a single water bottle and refill it with water from my frig to water my plants.

These simple, but effective tips can easily be incorporated into your everyday life and will leave you feeling good about your choices.

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