Fire Rages Through My Mind – Poem by Kim Snyder

Fire Rages Through My Mind – Poem by Kim Snyder

Fire rages through my mind
Into the deepest part of my soul and body
Waking me up from troubling dreams
I feel nothing, yet everything, as the fire burns
How can I hide from it, something only I can feel?

Fire rages on –
Burning deep into my cells
Killing everything in its path
I did not ask for this
I have done nothing wrong
I feel myself screaming, but it’s only in my mind
I can’t breathe, afraid I will smell smoke –
I am almost afraid to move, but move I must
Fire rages on – how can I keep going on?

I must remember – I cannot let it win
I look into the mirror, seeing haunted eyes
My hands holding my hair
Let it fall out of my hands into the sink
I am stronger than it can burn…

Fire rages on
I will not let it win
I feel my heart as it beats one by one
I can live another day
I will not let it win

Let the fire rage on
Let it try to take me down
For today, I will win
Let tomorrow be another day
I live for this moment
I live for this day – sun rises
I see sun beams hit the floor around me
Flooding me with hope
Today I will enjoy this moment
dealing with cancer
The sun rise, family
Laughter from children beginning to move about…
I am stronger than the fire
I feel burning deep inside
Closing my eyes just for a moment
I can also feel the flames curling around my cells
Breathe, live, laugh
You will not win today
Burn if you must
For today, I win…

Then comes the day when the fire wins …
The day has come to say my goodbyes
As I lay here, I feel the fire, I feel the flames
You can’t beat it, you can only just be
As it rages, love comes pouring in.
God is waiting for me
I know that now…
The fire becomes just a memory
As I breathe in and out for one last time
I close my eyes and smile..

Kim Snyder – Copyright 2023

I lost my Dad to cancer, and I am so sure that there are others out there dealing with Cancer right now. I have a friend that when I told them about this poem? They told me that I must post it! As they are dealing with cancer themselves, and I hit it right on the button. I do not have cancer, and right now, no one left in my family has it. I am sure I am like many out there, I lost my father, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law all to cancer. F&CK CANCER!

Goodbye Dad, Thursday, 1/19/2023

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