Need A Quick Gift? Creating Handcrafted Gift Baskets For All Occasions

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Need A Quick Gift? Creating Handcrafted Gift Baskets For All Occasions

These days we need to save a bit of money, but there are so many different holidays that a gift is needed for family or friends. 😀
Gift baskets make excellent gifts for friends, loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers, but you might not want to get a generic basket. A lot of people buy the gift baskets that are already assembled, such as meat and cheese baskets or wine baskets, but while these are beautiful and contain quality products, there is no personal touch. There is no real feeling, it was made by someone else, so boring! Nothing worse than taking a gift basket to a party only to find that someone else is gift giving the same one!!
For a gift that is a little more meaningful and gives you full control over what goes into the basket, you should consider making one yourself. It can be a little intimidating in the beginning, but it is actually quite simple to do – and a lot of fun.
Here are a couple of books you can get that will have given you even more ideas!

Follow these simple instructions for putting together a gift basket, from choosing the container to arranging the items inside.

Remember that you can choose anything you want, from a theme, to just a basket with a variety of items you know the recipient would like.

Step 1: Choose a Theme or Type of Basket

The first step to putting together your own gift basket is to decide what type of basket it will be. Remember that if you don’t want to select a specific theme, you don’t have to! Just get a large basket or container and fill it with smaller items that your friend or relative would enjoy. There really are no set rules for a DIY gift basket. Just get creative.

If you do want to decide on a theme, there are some different ways to come up with the decision.
Here are some tips for picking a theme:
Think about their interests or hobbies – If your neighbor is an avid runner, then she is probably interested in items related to running or fitness in general. You can put together a runners’ gift basket with things like an armband to hold her ear buds, a brand-new set of ear buds that works with their phone, and even running shoes and gear if you know her size. For someone who loves cars, you might create a car care gift basket with a sponge, glass cleaner, car soap, and car wax.

Decide on what their needs are – The next thing to do is consider what the person’s needs are. Instead of just getting something they want, think about what they truly need. You might have a sister that just bought a new house, so you want to create a nice housewarming gift basket with kitchen tools, a small rug for her bathroom, and picture frames to help start the decorating process. For teenagers, think of any items they will need for school or home.

Consider types of items they enjoy – Finally, don’t forget about items the person enjoys. Think of what drink this person goes for first, whether that is coffee or a glass of wine. Think about the treats they keep on their desk at work, or what concerns and events they go to. All of this information can be very handy when thinking of a good theme for the gift basket.

Step 2: Select a Container

Now that you know what type of gift basket you are going to create, it is time to select the container. While many of these gift baskets obviously use an actual basket, that is entirely up to you. Sometimes, a better container is one that doubles as a bonus gift for that particular theme. You can use anything from a basket to a bucket to a bag and even more types of items. Generally, you want to think about the types of items included in the gift basket, what the theme is, and what other gift the recipient might like when choosing the container. Here are some different ideas:

Use a plastic bucket for a car care gift basket. They can use all the included car wash items and the bucket itself.

Put travel items into a small carry-on bag. The container will be the carry-on bag which includes all the different travel essential in the ‘gift basket’.

Select a big basket for a general gift basket. Some baskets don’t follow a theme, so that is when an actual basket is perfect.

Step 3: Purchase Gifts For the Basket

Now for the fun part – selecting the gifts! You already know the theme of your basket and what container you are using, so you probably have a good idea of what to use inside. For a good gift basket, you want variety. You don’t need to spend a lot for enough items, but it is good to select different types of gifts that follow the theme and that are different sizes. If you are using a basket or other open container, you want to layer the items, so having small, medium, and large items definitely helps.

Here are some different themed gift baskets and recommended products you can include:

New Mom Gift Basket – Find a cute wicker basket and fill it with baby things by sex if you know it’s a boy or gift. Cute shirts with sayings on them, baby wipes, baby shampoo, bibs, diapers, hats, or ribbons for her hair. Something for the mom as well. Maybe matching shirts with sayings on them. Even something as simple as coupons that gives the new mom a break.

Gardening Gift Basket – Use either a basket or a gardening tote for the container, then fill it with items like vegetable and herb seed packets, handheld gardening tools, a set of gloves, and a small knee rest. Include a small watering can if it fits in the basket. Or if possible? Visit your local farmer’s market and local health food store, and fill the basket full of all kinds of veggies and fruits they might like. Great idea if you have a vegan friend and want to give them something you know they will enjoy. You could also add a set of vegan mineral eyeshadows such as those found at

Pasta Cooking Gift Basket – Fill a tall cooking pot with a bottle of pasta sauce, box of noodles, container of Parmesan cheese, tongs or other cooking utensils, and a bottle of wine. You can also choose to add wine glasses or other glassware, but that is optional.

Date Night Gift Basket – There is a lot of room for creativity here. You can have a date night gift basket with a small blanket, bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, and some Blu-rays, or provide gift cards for them to go out for a fun date night. If you are giving it to your best friend? Why not add coupons that she/he can give to their partner for fun things like foot massage, etc,

Step 4: Arrange the Gifts

You would think this might be the most intimidating parts of the gift basket making process, but remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you are using a bag or anything that closes, then you really don’t need to do anything but put the items inside. Try to put the larger items on the bottom so that when opening it, the recipient sees all the products easily.

When you are using a basket or an open container like a cooking pot or plastic bucket, these tips will help:

Start with the tallest items first. With a basket, you want to be able to see everything that is included, which means you don’t just want to throw everything until it fits and then wrap it up. You really should have the taller and bigger items in back, so that when adding the rest of the items, those taller items can still be seen.

Try to make sure every item can be seen. Arranging a gift basket sometimes means trying a few times until you get it right. You can move things around as needed until everything can be seen when someone receives the basket.

Line the bottom of the basket with towels and other similar items. When you are giving something like a towel or small blanket as part of the gift, use that to line the bottom of the basket. This keeps it out of the way, but can still be seen.

Step 5: Add Filler to the Basket

This is the easy part, because all you are doing is choosing some type of material to act as filler in your basket. Filler is sometimes added to the bottom of the basket, but this is optional. What you are doing with the filler material is filing in any empty spaces, so the basket looks full, and the items remain in their intended position. Most people will use some type of shred, whether you get packaged shredded tissue paper or shred it yourself.(Which can be messy, so make sure that it’s shredded paper that can be recycled. Not that fake grass crap you can find.) You can even cut up shred with wrapping paper that matches the gift basket. Just fill the little holes around items with the filler.

Step 6: Decorate and Wrap the Basket

This is only needed when using an actual basket, though you can also add ribbon or a bow to other containers you are using. With a basket, once the items have been added, and you have added the filler, you want to wrap the entire basket. This helps to keep all the items in place and makes it easy to carry the gift to the recipient. There is gift basket wrap that is a large piece of plastic that wrap around the basket. Gather the plastic at the top of the basket, twist it, and secure with some ribbon.

Tie it in a bow, and you’re done with your gift basket! See? You got this!! Start with a plan, think of the person whom the gift is for and get everything in one place. And then put it all in the basket. Little side joke, I have two sisters and if you ask them for 10 gift baskets that are all the same.

One sister would put together 10 baskets all the same and even found ways to save you money. My other sister, well, good luck! 😀 😀 You would get maybe two baskets that are the same, and the rest would be parts and pieces, with each basket getting less and less than the one before the one before. We have found, in the past, not to ask her to do things like this. I love my sisters, but I know which one to ask to help me create gift baskets!

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