Reading is Good For Your Well-Being

read a book is good for you

Reading is Good For Your Well-Being

When was the last time you picked up a book? A real book, you know the kind, the ones you can buy at any book store, in fact. Most stores have a small book area.  Personally have been reading since I was a small child, I am from the time when there wasn’t a TV in even household. Or cell phones come to think about it. 😀 But there was books, and we have books on all kinds of things.

Bored? Go find a book? Snowing? Go find a book to read. Don’t bug me I am cooking right now, go outside or find a book! <- That was my mom.. 😀 😀

Reading is a great way to expand your mind, and grow as a person.
One of the most amazing things humans have been doing for centuries is writing stories and lessons from our own imaginations and experiences. It’s truly a wonderful thing to consider all the things we can create in our minds and learn through reading. Below are some ways that you can benefit just by reading more often! favorite book authors
Check out Shayne Silvers books here His books are the best! Check out Mike Dooley here: He can teach you a lot about the possibles that life can give you.
It Opens Your Heart And Mind
The more you read, the more perspectives and lessons you can learn about. You can do this with any kind of book ranging from fiction, inspirational, biographical, and so many more. Every story, whether it’s a true story or not, can be used to learn something new and important you can apply to your own life. When you read, you can also use it as an opportunity to see things from the perspectives of those who are different from you. Consider the characters of each book you read. Who do you relate to? Who do you dislike? Why? What has made these people the way that they are? This simple reading exercise can help you be so much more understanding of the people in your real life—helping you to have a more open heart and mind.

It Can Teach You About Anything
Want to learn more about something specific? Read about it! I tend to read all kinds of books, from marketing to ad copy writing to life stories of people I find interesting. All you need to do is go online, buy or borrow books, find related articles and magazines; whatever you can find written about the topic—read it!

The world is full of infinite knowledge about nearly anything you can imagine.
By taking the time to read about things you want to know more about, you can learn everything there is to know about it! Research reading isn’t just something that only students can do. Think about something you’ve always wanted to learn, and then find as many resources as you can that you can use to do just that! This will help you feel so accomplished, and you will have something that nobody can ever take away from you—knowledge!

You don’t even have to buy the books outright, check out Amazon Unlimited Kindle version, and you will never be out of books to read! Wow! Can you tell I am into reading? 😀 I am a fast reader, which in turn drives my husband nuts because I can put my nose in a book and be done in just a few hours.

Reading is one of the most wonderful gifts we can take advantage of today.
When you open a book, you are opening up an entire new world just waiting for you to explore and interpret in your own unique way! The more you read, the more knowledge you can build inside your mind to help guide you more smoothly through your life.
Books are our way of telling the world about who we are as a people, real stories that move us, fiction to entertain us, to history and even what someone feels we are moving towards in the future.
My favorite book of his 😉
For those who can’t read or have the time to read a book, that is ok, there is nothing wrong with getting books you can listen to on the go!

Who are some of your favorite authors?

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