Ten Fun Ways to Improve Your Appearance This Summer

Ten Fun Ways to Improve Your Appearance This Summer

Since summer’s already here, it’s time to take a few steps to spruce up your look. After all, you’re wearing lighter clothes and aren’t nearly as covered-up as you are in fall and winter. Including new sandals!

Be more confident about showing more of your natural assets by taking some simple steps to improve your appearance. Which doesn’t mean showing as much skin as possible either. No one loves a sunburn.
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Check out this list as a few ideas to help improve how you look this summer. So here we go!

1. Use over-the-counter teeth whiteners. You’ll find all kinds of teeth whiteners in your local drug and discount stores. And many of them work as well as the $600 treatments your dentist administers. For costs ranging from $20 to $50, you can have a smile as bright as the summer sun. Crest has great affordable whiteners but some will swear that the local drugstore brand is just as good!

* Take care to read the product guidelines before using. Some products only work correctly when used according to the instructions.

2. Smile more often. Its summertime so why not? Speaking of your teeth, why not show them a bit more often by smiling? Remind yourself to do it. When you smile, you’ll feel more contented. And that’s in addition to improving how you look! Plus, smiling is contagious.

3. Get a new haircut. For just a few bucks, you can receive one of the quickest appearance-brighteners possible in 30 minutes’ time. There’s no need to get “the works” if you can’t afford it, just go to a shop or salon for a professional cut. Just don’t get it done days before some big event like your wedding, or someone else who you may be going too.

4. For those who wear makeup, take care with your makeup. Minimal makeup goes with the season and enables you to enhance your natural beauty. WEAR SUNSCREEN!

* Apply a light foundation in a tone that suits you. If you do that kind of thing. There are foundations for the changes in the seasons.

* Keep in mind your eyebrows serve to frame your face. Make them noticeable, yet balanced with your other features. Coordinate the color to your skin tone and hair color. Avoid harsh lines.

* Use a bit of mascara, blush, and natural lip gloss, taking into account the summer season when selecting tones and colors. You’ll look and feel great when you look in the mirror and see the results. No need to wear as much makeup as you did during the winter. Swimming or playing in the water a lot? Try a waterproof mascara.

5. Just for men: get a professional shave. Consider getting rid of your mustache and beard to change your look for summertime. Also, develop the habit of applying moisturizer with sunscreen on your face. Some moisturizers are made just for men and will reduce the look of lines and facial imperfections.

* You’ll be pleasantly surprised how polished and well-groomed you look. You may even feel like a new man with such a fresh-looking face!

6. Update your look. Buy a shirt or sundress or shorts in that trendy color you seem to be seeing everywhere. No need to go overboard with the spending. Just a new piece or two of clothing can bring you up to date.

7. Try to meditate for ten minutes daily. How will this improve your appearance, you ask? Meditation helps you de-stress. And nothing makes your facial muscles relax like not having any stress. Try it and see. Plus, this method is completely free.

8. Get the sleep your body needs. Most adults have an internal sensor that tells them how much sleep they need. Use that knowledge to get more rest and improve your appearance. If you can, why not take a nap in the middle of summer day heat?

9. Put away everything you can that has to be dry cleaned. You probably have a few things you love to wear but why not save the money from dry cleaning and go buy something new and cute?

10. Tell yourself you look great. If you take a true interest in how you look, you’ll gradually recognize that you’re looking pretty good. Go ahead and say so!

Focus on looking the best you’ve ever looked this summer. Put some of these tips into place to make needed updates to your look. Show your passion for life by improving your appearance, and you’ll enhance your enthusiasm for all aspects of living.

Ready go.. its summer!!

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