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Your eyes are going to be the focal point for any date but if you are going to the prom you will want your makeup to stay put while you dance
the night away.
Here are a few tips to makeup your eyes for prom night or any time you may have a hot date.

If you are thinking of using a self-tanner to help create a tan glow for your face make sure you are using a tanner made for your face and
not the rest of your body. Fake tans are becoming the norm due to the fact that sitting in the sun will do your body more harm than good
in the long run. Be sure to test out the self-tanner before the big night so that you may not make any mistakes.

As in all important dates, having your eyes done correctly will make the look.
To start off you need to understand that your eyebrows are a very important part of the total face. As a rule they should be one or two shades darker than your hair color. Please do not go crazy with the tweezers, in fact if you have never done your eyebrows before? Then the first time be done by a professional so you may know what your
eyebrows should look on your face. To make your eyebrows behave if they seem to want to be unruly spray a toothbrush with hair spray and brush it on to your eyebrows to keep them behaving. To make your brows look even more dramatic, try running a pink or white pencil right under the arch. This will open up your eyes and help make them stand out.

To keep your eye shadow from creasing, use a eye shadow primer first.
Shadow Magnet by Elle Blue as the best eye shadow primer/base out there that comes in Light or Natural. The reason why the creasing happens is your natural oils in your skin tend to mix with the eye shadow causing the shadow to collect in the folds of your upper lids.

As always black mascara is the best choice for lashes even if you are just going out with your friends for lunch. You should never leave the
house without at least mascara on. To make your eye lashes look their fullest, Magic Lash Eye Lash Enhancer is the product of choice. Other ways to make your lashes look their fullest to add a thin line of dark powder eye shadow directly on top of your actual lash line. Concentrate your mascara at the base of your lashes with a back and forth motion. Then sweep the entire length of the lashes once.

Lining your eyes takes practice and a steady hand to apply eyeliner. Here are a few tips to help you create the best line for your eyes. Dust eye shadow powder over your lids if you have not already put on your eye shadow. Curl your eyelashes first because you don’t want to smudge the line unless you are going for the smoky eyes look. With eyeliner you need to pick the best formula that works for you. If you want a clean straight line, then you would use a cake or liquid liner. To create a softer line, use a eyeliner pencil instead. Make sure you rest your elbows on a hard surface to help steady your hand as you apply the eyeliner. Start in the middle of the eyelid and draw a line as close as you can to the lid.
At the outer end of the eyes, draw a slightly upward turn.

Need Extra Credit? How about smoky eyes for your prom eye makeup look. You want to create “smoky” eyes? Just apply eye shadow in a similar shade over the eye liner you just put on. To smoke your eyes you will want to take a slightly damped cotton swab and smudge your eyeliner from the inner eye out towards the crease of your eyelid. You might want to add more eye shadow over your eyeliner to help with the smoking of your eyes. Dark eye shadow is
what most ladies use for creating smoky eyes.

As always pick the eye shadow you feel fits the look you are good for and either play up your eyes to max or your lips, just don’t do both. That will make you look older and harder and not the pretty young lady we all know you are. Enjoy your prom or hot date!

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With so many skincare options out there it can become too easy to go over-board. Proper skincare has to be balanced and variable, depending on your age, the time of year and your lifestyle. These all take part in what your skin looks like overall, going over-board with aggressive treatments can make even the best well behaved skin act up.

Are any of these bad habits ones you need to break?
1-starting with one we have all done at one time or another. Over-medicating a zit like crazy is just not a great idea. If you see are dry, crusty patches around a pimple then you are getting medicine on the skin around the blemish as well. Next time use a cotton swab to put medicine onto the blemish. Try using a medicated flesh tinted cream or stick to help hide it while it heals.

2- you can over-nourish your skin as much as under-nourish it. Depending on which age group you fall under, if you are in your 20’s you don’t need to be slathering on skincare products meant for someone in their 40’s. Not all skincare is meant for all ages, if it says anti-aging and you just turn 21? It’s probably too rich for your skin, try a water-based lotion instead.

3- over-cleansing your oily skin. Is your face feeling dehydrated, maybe flaking a little yet looks oily? People with oily skin tend to excessively over-wash their face which can lead to even more oil production. Using oil blotters is a great idea and backing off trying for that super-dry feel will help get your oily skin back behaving.

4- over exfoliation is bad for all skin types. If you got a tight and shiny “glassy” look to your skin, you may be exfoliating too much. Exfoliation is great to help with cell regeneration when done once maybe twice a week. A facial done correctly by someone train to do it, even better for your skin. What happens if you over-exfoliate is you are removing too much of your skins natural protective barrier which can lead to dehydration and even damage. Try less scrubbing and more moisturizing and try if you can to get a facial once a month. If you can’t afford a facial then try to exfoliate no more than twice a week. You will slough off the dead skin cells to help promote healthy skin cell growth. Just don’t over scrub as it can lead to over-dry skin and damage such as rashes and little broken capillaries.

By taking the time to take care of your skin and breaking a bad habit or two, you will look younger longer and have the best well-behaved skin you can.

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It is important to learn the best tips on how to apply mineral foundation because these foundation products are quite different from standard foundation makeup. Failure to use the product correctly could prevent you from achieving the desired results, and could also result in wasted product. Fortunately, learning how to use mineral foundation powder is quite easy.

Many women are now turning to pure mineral foundation because it provides such a high level of the coverage of blemishes and age spots, while giving a more natural look than standard makeup. Another reason that it has become such a popular choice is that it is not produced with harsh chemicals. Even those with extremely sensitive skin often find that they can wear mineral foundation. Since it is offered in several different shades, you should have no problem finding a shade that will match your skin tone.

Be sure that your face is clean and completely dry prior to application, as moisture may cause the product to cake up. Your makeup brush should be lightly dipped into the product, and then tapped in order to remove any excess. The foundation should be applied around the outer areas of the face first, and then to the cheeks, with the nose being last. Use a small and circular motion in order to create evenness. This will prevent any one area from being having more coverage than others.

One of the best application tips of all would be to first apply a light coat. It will be much easier to add more than to take it off. These foundation products offer a high level of coverage, and you just might find that one light coat is all that you need in order to look your best. If after one coat you still see problem spots, consider applying a small amount directly to these areas, instead of applying a completely new coat. This tip will help you cover problem areas without wasting any of the makeup.

The brush you use can make a difference in the final product. Consider investing in a high quality makeup brush that will allow more of the product to make it onto your skin. Softer bristles work better than rigid ones, as they allow the foundation to be spread more evenly. You should also consider a brush that is dense, as it will hold the correct amount of powder, and cause less loss. A high quality brush is a wise investment, as it not only will help the mineral foundation look better, but will also be easy to clean.

Each of these tips on how to apply mineral powder foundation can be used by any women who wishes to get the most out of her foundation. With each passing day, more women are making the switch to mineral makeup, and with good reason. When used correctly, mineral foundation offers flawless coverage, while also providing the appearance that your skin looks this way naturally. This is what women desire most from their foundation, and now this dream can be a reality.

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There are numerous types of exfoliants for skincare. Just what is exfoliation and why is it so beneficial for your skin? Exfoliation is a
technique used to get rid of the dead skin cells to improve the quality and appearance. As the skin cells are renewed the older skin cells harden and lose moisture building up on the surface of the skin producing a dull and dry appearance. Pores get clogged.
Exfoliation gets rid of the dead cells to energize the replenishment of healthy skin cells producing a cleaner, younger, and less wrinkled skin.

Active exfoliants are applied with friction to get rid of the dead skin cells. Using at brush or a gentle abrasive to scrub the skin’s surface. The products are configured for different skin types.

Chemical exfoliants polish off the deadened skin cells by utilizing Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, vitamin A1, and enzymes to smooth out the skin by breaking up the inter-cellular that acts as a paste to attach the skin cells to the surface. Estheticians perform professional facials in six week treatments for the most beneficial and most dependable effects using chemical exfoliants. Enzymatic and hydroxyl acids are normally used for home procedures as they’re safe and good for home use. Glycolic acid was first applied in cosmetic applications and are still used in most skincare products. If you look around there are recipes that you can use to create your own exfoliants with ingredients found in your kitchen.

Aging and maturing skin has a slower process of skin cell renewal. As people age, the renewal process becomes difficult with the slower natural removal of the skin cells causing dull, thick, dehydrated skin with less tone and firmness. In youth, the skin cell renewal is 25-30 days as with maturity is can take up to 90 days. Removing the dead dry cells assists the appearance of the skin by hydrating, firming, and smoothing the skin. Exfoliation is effective on per-maturing aging and mature skin since it stimulates the cell renewal faster than with the body’s natural functions.

Dry and dehydrated skin lacks moisture leaving the skin feeling tight and stretched. Many people tend to over moisturize that only leaves the old skin cells slicked to the surface appearing dull with uneven skin tones. Exfoliation removes the dead cells and moisturizes/hydrating the skin as needed. The skin care products help to reach deeper into the skin to help ease the dry dehydrated skin without having to apply heavy cream for moisturizing.

Did you know that oily and problematic acne skin has five times more dead cells than other skin types? The combination dead skin cells clog the hair follicle contributing to acne. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells removing the pore clogging cells leading to a clearer, cleaner, freshen skin surface and complexion.

Sun damaged and hyper-pigmented skin which are caused by sun damage or hormonal changes increase in melanin which causes dark spots or patches on the skin. Exfoliation helps to remove the darkened cells leading to a faster rate of skin cell renewal as well as being more effective to prepare the skin for treatment of products that lead to lighter skin reducing the melanin production. As always check with your doctor before trying anything that might be harmful to your skin.

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Ever been curious what teen age girls from other countries besides the United States do to make themselves look and feel beautiful? A lot of their beauty secrets are handed down from grandmother to their daughters who will then hand it down to their daughters. You may get beauty tips and secrets that are hundreds of years old.

These beauty tips have been updated for today’s young ladies. In Italy teens are instructed by the older women their lives to keep their eyelashes from breaking, they apply castor oil to them at night before bedtime.

In China the young ladies there take one teaspoon of rosemary oil and mix it in a cup of green tea. They then pour that over their heads as a final rinse to make sure their hair really shines. In Egypt to help keep their teeth white and beautiful, the young ladies there take a combination of baking soda and coarse salt were it is then applied with their fingers on to their teeth and left sit for a minute.

In Japan seaweed is the biggest beauty secret to be found there. It’s sold in supermarkets and it is prized for its cleansing and toning and its ability to make skin glow. Teens there use it on their bodies for cellulite and on their faces as masks as well as it eat in their salads to help their hair grow. Did you know that in ancient Japan teens blackened their teeth as a status of beauty? It’s a good thing that its not something that is done now as their wasn’t very good for their teeth.

In Australia young ladies there love to walk barefoot and wear toe-revealing sandals. To achieve flawless feet they rub avocado skins all over their rough spots and they love to wear bright toe nail polishes.

In Poland honey is their biggest beauty secret for women of all ages. Teenage girl moms will warm the honey for their daughters who will then apply it all over faces as a super moist facial treatment. Young ladies are well known to use honey as a lip-softening treatment as well. What a way to make your lips kissable soft!

In Spain, sometimes when the young ladies party too much they might find that they have dark circles under their eyes to show for it. A common problem all over the world it seems. To fix the fact that they had too much fun the night before Spanish teens will take a potato and cut it very thinly. They will then apply to their eyes for ten minutes to allow the juice to seep into the darkness and draw it out.

The best beauty advise that could be offered for teenage ladies from different heritages and different cultures is to ask your mom what were her beauty secrets when she was growing up and what does she do now to stay as beautiful as she was as a teen. Her beauty secrets might as well be just using products you can find in your kitchen.

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As we watch famous celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and others walk down the red carpet, we can’t help but see they have the most amazing eyes. They have long, lush lashes we can’t help but want for ourselves.
eyelash extensions or Magic Lash?
For those with money the cost isn’t a problem, for those of us with a budget, getting eyelash extensions may not be cost effective to have the look and keep it maintain. For example the most beautiful Beyonce has a new full set at $500 every three months but they are costing her $120 per month upkeep. Lose one eyelash and that’s $20 all by its self. Yes, that’s the truth per eyelash can run you about $20.00 each.
What is it about eyelash extensions that has them become one of the latest craze?

Unlike traditional false lashes that are applied in strips and last a day before needing to be removed, eyelash extensions are glued to your natural eyelashes and last as long as that eyelash does, 6 to 8 weeks depending on care. Eyelash extensions are applied with an adhesive that dries soft allowing lashes to stay flexible and natural looking. Because they are bonded to each individual lash and not your skin, eyelash extensions can last up to two months. They fall out when your natural lash does.
To maintain the look, you need a touch up every two to three weeks to replace any eyelashes that have fallen out. There are cases rare as it can be but true, that those that have worn extensions for so long period of time have become allergic to the glue that is used! This happen to a eyelash salon owner who is an professional at putting on and maintaining eyelash extensions.

The number one thing about eyelash extensions you must have it done by an professional or mistakes can happen and possible cause your lashes to fall out! Make sure the person going to do your eyelash extensions has an license to do so.

Are there other products out there that could possible give you the same look for less cost?

Yes there are two main products you can now buy that will help give you the look of eyelash extensions both under $25. Magic Lash is one product that can be found only on the web and Fiberwig ( may no longer be available) that you can buy at your local Sephora. Both can give you the look of long lush lashes but you have to use them with your mascara. They only last a day and come off with your makeup remover at night. Under $25 a tube verses $300 and two hours plus of your time to put the first full set on, I will take Magic Lash any day! There is no such thing as semi-permanent eyelashes, all types of eyelash extensions are called semi-permanent.

There is now a process now that you can have permanent eyelashes transplanted. It’s the same idea as if you are having hair replanted. The only permanent eyelashes are eyelash transplants which are performed under anesthetic by a doctor and will cost you approximately $5,000.

Eyelash extensions are something you really need to think about, the cost factor as well as time factor. Just for starters it takes up to two hours to have a full set done. Also they must be kept up if you really want to really keep the look. There is things you must do to keep them looking good. For everyday, it comes down to one real fact, can you afford them? Take time to do your research, check out the salons in your area, ask your friends who have had it done their thoughts about it. Check out the prices the salons in your area are asking, always ask if they have a license to do them. Start out with a list of questions you may have and when you find someone you think you can trust, go in and check out their salon. If you are happy with what you see, and you have the money in your budget then go for it!. It’s your time and your money and your eyes, so have fun!

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Applying eyeliner is an outstanding technique to accentuate your eyes. Although the majority of females would truly like for it to be as simple as drawing a line round the eyelid, there is much more to it than that. Follow these actions to discover how you can apply eyeliner appropriately to complete your look. Always remember to curl your eyelashes to finish out the look.

Step 1: Selecting the proper Eyeliner Color to your Eyes and Shadow

Particular colors of eyeliner appear much better together with your eye color than other people. You’ll also wish to select an eyeliner color which will function nicely together with your shadow color option. For anyone with blue eyes, the subsequent eyeliner colors are typical options: brown, navy, and charcoal. For all those with green eyes, the subsequent eyeliner colors are typical options: brown, charcoal. For all those with brown eyes, the subsequent eyeliner colors are typical options: brown or plum shades.

Step 2: Think about the Look You’re Going For

The look you’re going for is essential to think about in how you’ll utilize the eyeliner. Pencil lines of makeup will show a much more soft appear, whilst liquid lines lines connected with makeup will present a much more precise look. With picking out a pencil eyeliner, make sure its not waxy or hard. They should be soft and go on smoothly.

Step 3: Select Your Eyeliner Type and Prepare it for Application

You are able to use sometimes a liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, a cake eyeliner or perhaps a dark dry shadow having a little quantity of water added. If you’re utilizing a pencil liner, make certain it’s sharpened appropriately prior to applying it. If you’re utilizing a liquid liner, make certain it’s nicely mixed prior to applying it. Most liquid eyeliners come in mascara like tubes making them easier to use. If you’re utilizing a cake liner or dark shadow, add a couple of drops of water into it and use a little brush to mix within the water and apply the liner.

Step 4: Support the Eyeliner just like a Pen

Holding the eyeliner exactly the same way you hold a pen provides you with much more precise control more than the line you’re drawing. Holding it some other way can make the application much more challenging. Sometimes using a pencil you may need to soften it a bit before applying it. Some of the easiest way to how to soften eye pencil is to rub it on your hand. But do it side to side and roll it as to not lose the straighten tip. You can use your hair dryer. But be very careful not to totally melt the tip. And you want to let it cool down before using it. Years ago the best way to soften the tip was to use a lighted match. But most pencil eyeliners are not that hard any longer and do not need you to do that.

Step 5: Tilt your Head Back Slightly

This really is to provide you with a much better angle for application whilst still permitting you to determine what you’re performing. Whilst the application may be carried out with out the head becoming tilted back, it does make it much more challenging.

Step 6: Application around the Your Eyelid

Begin on the inside of one’s eye, drawing out of your nose towards the edge of one’s eye. Smudge the line together with your finger, a cotton swab, or perhaps a thin brush to smooth out the look. If you’re utilizing a liquid liner, make sure to apply it with one smooth stroke, and permit it to dry totally prior to opening your eye all of the way. This guarantees the liquid liner won’t enter into the eyes. If you using a pencil it might be easier to do connect the dots.

Step 7: Application around the Lower Eyelid

Begin on the outside of one’s eye, drawing the line close towards the lashes and permitting it to thin out while it gets closer towards the nose. Based on the look you’re going for, you might wish to quit as soon as you’ve coated 2/3 of one’s lower eyelid using the liner.

I do not recommend applying eyeliner in the waterline. And never share your eyeliner no matter what type. Curl your lashes!

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There are three types of basic nail art decals. There are those that are like stickers with all kinds of different designs, small easy to use. They help add to your overall design. There are water decals which are a little harder to work with. And now you have your full nail art decals which covers your whole nail. Each have their own little tips on how to apply them correctly. Always be sure that your nail polish is totally set and dry before applying any type of nail art decal.
nail design idea with flowers
Items you will need:

Nail art decals/stickers, water set type, full nail type decal
Cup or dish of water
Top coat polish
Base coat
Nail polish best colors would be anything that doesn’t have glitter such as a cream or frost
Orangewood stick
Nail file

How to apply the nail art sticker type of nail decals:

1. Apply your nail polish without your top coat and wait until it your nail polish is dry.
2. Choose your favorite nail decal design, peel it off carefully with a pair of tweezers
3. Stick on to your nail in the place you picked out earlier while you were waiting for your nail polish to dry.
4. Tap your decal lightly to ensure that there are no air pockets. Use an orangewood
5. Apply several layers of top coat to seal the design. Do not use quick drying top coat.

Apply water based type of nail art decals:

Be sure first that your nail polish is completely dry before working with water nail art decals.

1. Use scissors to cut your nail art decal out around the design.
2. Place a single drop of water onto the table.
3. Set your nail decal in the drop of water with the blue paper side down.

Wait for 10-15 seconds. The paper will begin to curl.

4. Pick up the nail art decal using your tweezers and lay the nail art decal on top of your nail.
5. Use one finger to anchor the nail decal lightly against your nail and slide out the
backing paper from underneath.
6. Move the decal into place. Using a piece of tissue, press the nail decal to remove the
water and air below.

Wait one to two seconds while the nail decal adheres to your nail.

Last step is to apply a thin layer of top coat over the nail art decal area. Allow it to dry.
Brush on another 2 coat of topcoat to cover the entire nail and allow it to dry.

Apply full wrap nail art decals:

1. Brush on a single layer of base coat and allow it to dry.
2. Stroke one layer of your preferred polish over the base coat. Once dry, apply the
second coat.
3. Trim your nail decal to fit your nail and remove it from the design sheet.
4. Rub over the design using an orangewood stick, and keep the backing on until
finished. You’ll see the transfer is complete when the paper peels up without any decal
on it.

Peel off the sheet and examine your nails.

5. Use your finger to press down any edges that haven’t adhered completely.
6. File the edges of any nail decals that extend past the edge of your nails.
7. Brush on a topcoat to protect your nail art decal and allow it to dry.

Little side note:
Never use any kind of quick/ rapid dry top coat directly over any nail art decals. The chemicals in those products cause the sticker to roll up around the edges, dislodge, or tear.

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