8 Things You Can Do to Help You Look Younger

8 Things You Can Do to Help You Look Younger

Men and women are frantically searching for “Fountain of Youth” remedies to make them look as young as they can. This is an age long search that we all over 40 will do, looking for anything that can slow done or even stop how we look. There are those who have to spend thousands of dollars to stay looking younger. Unfortunately, many are choosing medical treatments rather than searching for more healthy alternatives.

There are some things you can do to look younger besides opting for injections of Botox or invasive surgeries like liposuction and face-lifts. Now like many of us we can not afford the up keep of the that Botox or fillers will cost over time. Take a look below at some of the “gentler” ways to seem younger than you really are:

1. Dress Your Age – Almost nothing makes you look older than you are then, attempting to dress in the same style of clothing that your daughter or granddaughter wears. Not only does it look tacky, it looks like you are trying way too hard to look younger. It can turn off guys who may have been interested in you. By dressing your age and appear younger than you are. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to start wearing moo, moo dresses and sandals. There are so many choices that take what the youth are wearing and change it, worn by those in their forties. You will become amazed at what is now available.
Here is a great book that might be helpful!How to Dress: Secret styling tips from a fashion insider

2. Sleep Your Way to Youth – Your best sleep happens during what is called the “rejuvenation hours.” Your face won’t reveal as many lines and your eyes won’t be as puffy. Sometimes it may not be possible because you may have young children, or you have to commune to work. If you’re in a habit of waking up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning because of responsibilities, yet you can’t sleep because your brain is running full steam because what your day may be.

3. This is a suggestion of an idea that may help you. Once you are in bed, here is something you can do. Start taking a full breath in till your lungs are full through your nose, hold a few seconds and then let it go out your mouth as slowly as possible.
Think of all the problems you are leaving you as you slowly let go of the full breath you took in.
If you do it at least three times, it can help relax your body.
Also, what can help is imagine in your mind a huge chalkboard with everything that happen during your day. Then imagine a big eraser starting at one side, and start erasing each problem and as you are erasing each problem start relaxing your body starting at your toes.

By erasing each problem, you are giving your body the permission to let it go. By the time the chalkboard is empty, you find yourself totally relaxed. Sometimes there are issues that can stop you from sleeping like ideas, worries running around your mind as if there is a mouse on a wheel.

Try to stay away from taking meditation as it can cause issues like addictions, which means smoking and or drinking. Try instead taking a warm bath or drinking relaxing herbal teas with lavender to help relax. If you are not sure if it causes problems, talk to your doctor before beginning to try all natural ways to help you sleep.

4. Your Diet Can Make You Younger – Obesity can become a problem as you grow older because of a slower metabolism. To keep your weight on track, it may help your skin glow and your blood healthy by eating foods with beneficial properties. As we age it may get harder to lose weight but trying any crash diets or pills will make things worse not better. Try to go to the gym and ride the bike or take a water class that will be better for those of us with bad knees.

5. Exercise Regularly – Nothing benefits your overall health like having an exercise regime that you enjoy and perform on a regular basis. No matter what exercise you choose, getting your body moving can drop the years from your body and mind. Talk with your doctor so that, based on your health, he can give you recommendation’s of exercises he feels will work best for you.

6. Use Makeup Sparingly – You’ll appear to be much younger than you really are if you use makeup more to enhance your natural assets rather than attempting to cover up the flaws. One of the biggest mistakes we make as we age is not updating our makeup. What we wore when we were young and how we wore it needs to be updated to your age group, if not it shows you are outdated and again trying too hard to look younger. By working with a professional makeup artist, they can show you how to apply your makeup in the best and most flattering way.

7. Choose the Proper Hairstyle – Are you still wearing the same style you had in the 70s – or is your hair dull or gray? Do yourself a favor and visit a professional hairstylist and let him or her design a style that fits your face and coloring. Now one of the things you can do is, sometimes if your hair stylist believes you have the right try of personality to pull it off, there are temp colors you can try in difference shades from dark to pinks and purples. If you work in a place that doesn’t have you wearing suits, there is no reason why not trying a color or two. Talk with your hair stylist and see what they think.

8. Break Those Bad Habits – If you smoke or drink too much alcohol, cut down or quit if possible. Too much alcohol will dry out your skin, and smoking will rapidly age your entire body. Stop smoking is one of the best things you can do to help your skin over time. For real, it would help you live longer if you can quit smoking. I know personally how hard it can be to quit, but I was able to do it.
If you need help? Talk to your doctor about ways to help quit smoking. There is an excellent bestseller on Amazon called: Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking Which includes vaping!

In your quest to look and feel younger, don’t forget your “attitude.” Do what you can to keep yourself upbeat and positive – and for goodness’s sake, don’t forget to smile!

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