Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega XTRA Review

Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Gels

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega XTRA Review

There are a few natural products that I take every day, and that is NORDIC NATURALS fish oil product line. I am now over 60, and I take them every day! How did I start taking them? Well, it all started with a trip to my eye doctor. I try to get my eyes checked once a year if possible.

Now it all started when I was having my eyes checked, and at the time I was in my mid 50s. My eyes were dry all the time, and I tried different eye drops, and it just didn’t seem to make a difference. It was my yearly check up for my eyes and I asked my doctor what can I do about my eyes being dry all the time? She told me that I need to take a fish oil and that would help me over time. Fish Oil? Ok I made faces at her because to me, I really dislike the favor of fish oil gels, you burp, and you taste it, no, thank you!! 🙁
That was when she told me about NORDIC NATURALS Fish Oil brand. They do everything, from farming it, to processing it, to selling it. There is no middle man when it comes to creating their brand. And if you burp, there is no fishy taste!

Now they say:
Ideal for individuals needing the highest levels of omega-3s EPA and DHA, for heart, brain, and immune health, and for those whose doctors prescribe 1000+ mg of omega-3s daily.

DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED FORMULA – Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Xtra features high concentration omega-3 fish oil in soft gels. The added Vitamin D3 aids in calcium absorption & supports mood, joint & immune system health.
1480 mg total omega-3s – 1000IU Vitamin D3
Our most powerful formula has the most omega-3s per serving
Unmatched support for heart, brain, immune health, and more*

BETTER ABSORPTION, BETTER TASTE, NO FISHY BURPS – All of our omega-3 fish oil concentrates are in the triglyceride molecular form (the form naturally found in fish) for optimal absorption.
Made from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies
Fresh lemon taste – you would never know it was there!

Now, you would never know that it was made with sardines and anchovies! I have tasted sardines, so I would know that taste if I was burping it back up!! My eye doctor also recommended that I try to find one that has at least 1000+ total omega (that is due to my age) and Vitamin D3. Non-GMO too! If you are not sure if you need to be taking a fish oil as part of your overall health care? Check out this article at HealthLine

I am really lucky I can find Nordic products at my local Sprouts. You can find them on Amazon and at their website

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