Couple Tips for Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day – Groom Too!

Couple Tips for Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day – Groom Too!

As your wedding date is coming up soon, there are still simple things you can do to help you and the groom get ready for the big day.
Why the groom as well? It is his big day as well, and he might want to take part in the planning beyond the usual groom stuff. Also added a few tips for your bridesmaids and even your mom, and you’re soon to be mother-in-law as well.

1- This will help you both. Cut back on or stop drinking sodas, high sugar foods and booze. It will help your diet if you are trying to lose a bit of weight. Soda, even diet sodas, are bad for your body and will show up on your skin. You would be surprised what it can do for both your skin. If he is having breakouts as well, have it looked into to see how it can be cleared up. Start by drinking more water!

2- Add on “extra to their tips” for the hairstylist to see if you can be their first client on your wedding day. More tips when working with your hairstylist and makeup artist. Ask them about the time frame they think it will take to get you ready. Ask about foundation as well as staying power of makeup, mascara and foundation. Be sure to ask about types of foundations that will have your skin look softener, reflect light that any fine lines or acne you may have.

Be sure to write up a list of questions you have to be sure everything is covered about what you want done for your makeup, nails, and hair on your wedding day.

3- Times for a bit of relaxing treatments for you and your bridesmaids and other females involved with your wedding. Spa treatments, facials (not the month of your wedding) body wraps to help tighten your skin for your wedding day. Look into facials that help clear, tighten etc. if you can afford it, and you are over 35, look into possibly Botox and or fillers for your face. If that isn’t something you can afford it, look into anti-aging skincare systems, facial brushes etc. just remember they take time to work, so they are something to start using a few months ahead of your big day.

Be kind to your bridesmaids and your future mother-in-law, go easy of the colors you want them to wear. Not everyone looks amazing in bright fuchsia just because you do.

4- Manicure and pedicures for you and, your husband to be as well as and all the females involved. You will be surprised just how relaxing it can be to get pampered. Visit a day spa and have beauty treatments from head to toes. You will feel better and more relaxed for your big day
Having a manicure will help get your nails and hands ready for showcasing your ring on your wedding day. A pedicure will take care of any callus or super dry skin on your feet and ankles so if your feet are shown in any photos taken, they will show off your sense of style. But do your future self a favor and don’t use an odd color nail polish, it will be a tough trying to tell those looking at your photos from your wedding, why you wore bright neon pink nail polish with fake nails super long. Stick to neutral colors, such as beige, or even just get a simple French manicure done.

There are just a few more beauty tips for you. Don’t feel overloaded when it comes to how you want to look. Trust your makeup artist, so they will need to see your wedding dress, so she/he can be sure it works with it. Same as your hairstylist. Slow down and somewhere quiet and write down what you want or don’t want. If you don’t want to wear false lashes, your makeup artist needs to know. Also, pick the design you want for your wedding nails, so that the colors and design works with the overall look of the day.

You want simple flowers in your hair, your stylist needs to know. Look through magazines for hairstyles and makeup looks you like. Test the looks, test the makeup, even if it’s not with you wearing your wedding dress. Looking your best for the most important day of your life can be tough, or you can take the time to plan everything out months earlier. Try to get your future groom involved, and he will love it for you to work out the colors of the day, and be sure he looks amazing as well. I bet his mother will love to help if you ask! 😉

No matter how you decide, both of you will look amazing for your wedding day!

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