Just what is a “Hot Oil Manicure”?

Got a email from a young lady asking me for more information about Hot Oil Manicures. If you ever want a question on beauty subjects you need answered please email me!  Go through the website, thats the best way to get hold of me. I had no idea about this or the fact that there are more than just basic manicures so researching the question. By researching it, it gave me a better insider view of what you can have beyond the basic manicure. You would probably give this to yourself as well. If you would like me to write article about the steps of giving yourself a home manicure with the use of hot oil, ask.
I had never heard of one before so I went looking on the web for more information. opps not a good idea, found only sites that offer it as part of their spa treatments. So off I go to my books. If you ever saw my collection of books you should be thanking my Mom (THANKS Mom I Love you!) for making me a reader. I grew up without a TV like a lot of those who are my age probably did so I buried myself in books. Sorry off subject there for a minute..

Be good to your kids ~ Make them readers not just watchers of TV.” ~ Kim
So off I go to my collection of books. After looking through about 6 books I have on just nail care alone I came across in one book just what a Hot Oil Manicure really is. Ok if anyone is interested in checking out the book its called ” The Art & Science of Manicuring” by Alice R. Cimaglia Copyright 1986. You might be able to find it  at Amazon.com if you look really hard. Or even check my favorite bookstore site Alibris.com. I found this book at a book trader store while on my last vacation. And yes besides hanging out at the spa I got to visit books stores and craft warehouses, too much fun! The book is very interesting being the topic is on how to become a manicurist as a job choice.

What is a Hot Oil Manicure : An Oil manicure is to give relief for those with ridged and brittle nails and as well as dry cuticles. They say they are the best type of manicure for men. It also improves the hands by leaving the skin soft and pliable. You will proceed with the basic manicure up to the point where you would place the hands into the finger bowl.

Before the manicure, you would preheat the oil in a electric heater. Oils commonly used are mineral oil, olive oil as well as the commercial preparation. Once you have got to the point of placing the fingers into the finger bowl you would instead place your fingers into the heated oil. Your manicurist would then massage the oil into the hands and wrists and then the cuticles. The idea is to give the super dry nails and hands a extra treat by using the heated oil. Once you have massaged the hands, nails, cuticles and well as the wrists you would wash the oil off the hands using a warm damp towel. You would then complete the manicure.

Hot Oil Manicures are just a luxury style of manicures and if you were to ask for one don’t be surprised if you were going to be charged a bit more. But if your hands are super dry as well as your nails, you need this type of manicure to stop your nails or at least help your nails from becoming or staying brittle. There are other reasons why your nails maybe brittle but if this style of manicure stopped it, would you not want to have it?
I do hope this helps you, and gives you a better understanding of a Hot Oil Manicure. I will be writing a article about how to do this at home without having to pay someone else to give you the luxury treatment. Or even get your friends together and give your friends each other a hot oil manicure. Sounds like fun!

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  1. mital lakhani :

    i want to know what is manicure/ pedicure wraps (fullers earth)

    • That is something I have never heard of. If its using Fullers Earth it must be mud based I would think. But other than that I do not know. Great question though! I will have to look into and see what I can find out. Thanks for asking!

  2. hi there found your site very interesting when doing research for college. do you kow where i can find information on hot oil itself as thats the topic i need to focus on

    • Good question!
      What I found is they are using mineral oil, pure olive oil, sweet almond oil. Also for a extra interesting tip being you are in UK,
      There is also a Lactol manicure called a European manicure in many
      salons which sounds expensive and is one of the most sinful luxuries
      in the world. Its all about using a wonderful moisturizer
      called Lactol which is a rich pink cream sold in beauty supply stores.
      Its great for nails that are super dry and may even be curling
      upwards. You heat it in a electric heater or double boiler like
      the other oils and soak your nails for 10 minutes.
      You just saved yourself the extra costs of having a luxury manicure by
      doing it at home.