My Tracys Treats Shea Butter Shower Gel Giveaway & Review

I was asked  back in May of this year by Tracy Artman owner of  My Tracy’s Treats if I would consider offering their product line on my website Overall Beauty. I said sure if they didn’t mind if I tested out a product or two to be sure that their product line is up to the high standards that we feel any product being offered should be. I know that you as customers want the best products for the best price. Tracy Artman owner and creator My Tracy’s Treats was kind enough to send me a bottle of their Shea Butter Shower Gel.

Now I have had issues with shower gels where their main ingredient is Shea Butter. There was another company a while back that had asked the same thing as My Tracy’s Treats had, only after I had bought a bottle of their Shea Butter Body Wash. I would have to say the least I was very disappointed with their product which is why I do not offer their products. I won’t tell you their name cause that is why and bad for business to be naming names like that, but I will tell you that their Shea Butter Body Wash left my skin so dry and itchy that I threw away a $24.00 bottle. Ok? That is how much of a issue I had with it. Like you the last thing I want to do is throw away money, and when you throw away almost full bottle of body wash cause it makes you dry and itchy that is like my hubby would say “throwing money into the street”.

I told Tracy about my reaction and how disappointed I was in the other brand of Shea Butter Shower Body Wash.
She told me not to fear and to give her brand of Shea Butter Shower Gel a chance.  Their tag line is Natural Products for Remarkable Skin. They have been in business since 2003.

So I did and in the mail I got this bottle of Shea Butter Shower Gel with a lip balm. The only I can say I didn’t like about the lip balm is its unscented and I  happen to like scents and favors. But other that, the lip balm is AWESOME!

Now back to the Shower

Shea Butter Shower Gel by My Tracy's Treats

Shea Butter Shower Gel by My Tracy's Treats

Well guess who was very surprised to say the least! I got a bottle in Pink Sugar and wow! First off it didn’t leave my skin dry or itchy. When I used it I got the clean feel but not over-dry feeling. Second off what really surprised me is, you only need a little bit! I still have half a bottle left and I have been using it for over a month. When I was told a little bit will do the job I didn’t believe, now I believe!!  When it comes to shower gels I love lots of lather and this shower gel has it!

I even tested it out on  hubby  as well. He thinks Pink Sugar isn’t too girly for him just not a scent a guy would want to use. Poor guy I am always testing out bath products on him …lol

My Tracy’s Treats is also being really cool and giving me a Shea Butter Shower Gel to giveaway, and you get to pick the scent! There are 16 different scents you to choose from. I am using Pink Sugar now but I can say I got my eyes on Lily of the Valley or Lavender Vanilla.

You can order this amazing shower gel for yourself here: or at you will find at both sites its being offered at the same price. This is one shower gel totally worth its weight in gold!

Do you have a favorite scent for your body wash? Let me know and you may win it!!

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  1. Love all scents! It would be hard to pick one!

  2. sweet pea sounds great!
    I’m usually happy with any scent but like apple scents

  3. Hi! Just followed your hyperlinked name on the comments page of my new np blog, Polish or Perish! :) Out of curiosity, how did you find us? (I just started blogging two weeks ago and recruited the other five to start about… five days ago? so I’m trying to think up ways to promote the blog and it’d be helpful if I knew how you found us!

    • It’s a secret! lol Really it was easy to find you! I have what is called Google Alerts for keywords that are part of what I do. I will send you a answer to your email to give you more stuff about promoting blogs etc. I love the idea you got going for your blog!! And the one who did the review for BB Couture was honest and I love that!! Thanks for stopping by and do stop by again! I love comments!!

  4. It seems like this could be WONDERFUL!!! For some reason, the scent “My Angel” made me think of the perfume “Angel” by Thierry Muegler?. I would love to try that or maybe the Mango Papaya.