13 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt! With 5 prizes up for Grabs!!CLOSED

All the prizes have been won!! You are all amazing!! Thanks for playing along!
First off we thought it be fun to do a 12 days of Christmas starting with a treasure hunt for 12 pieces of an image. Well we got lots of bloggers that just jumped at helping us out that we had to narrow it down to 13. So instead of its being 12 days of Christmas treasure hunt, its 13 with the lucky `13 being the star that goes on the Christmas tree.

Please note: If you were contacted about participating in our treasure hunt but could at this time, not be able to help us out, you are disqualified from playing. That is only fair to the rest who will be playing. I do hope that next time we ask, you will be able to help us out. 😉

Here we go!
There are 12 pieces to an image out on 12 different blogs. Some may have it up now others will be doing sometime in the next two weeks. All you have to do is find these pieces and keep a note of which blog you found it on. Each piece is numbered and will be found either in a blog post or in the column of one of the participating bloggers. We also have a lucky 13 which is a star for the Christmas time!
What the winners receive?
There will be 5 prizes up for grabs!

Starting off with this amazing gift for Ginger Kitty Designs! She makes the most amazing items!
1~Ginger Kitty Designs:
Has very kindly be donating the red and silver necklace > prize taken!
Here is a picture of the necklace I made for the 12 days of Christmas special.

Anyone who has ever gotten one of her products will know that they are high quality and most of the time one of a kind. She has such fun with nail polishes!

2~ Andrea of Evil Angel Cosmetics is donating her four Hardcore Lips shades Plus an extra goodie! If you have not seen her products before, her Indulge Cuticle Creme is the best!!
Here is information about her really neat gift:
Intensely pigmented gloss. Extremely pigmented opaque coverage but with the shine of a gloss…these truly are Hardcore!
Not your Barbie- The hottest hot barbie pink
Just like candy- Soft sweet lilac with multi color shimmer
Miscreant- Hardcore teal with megawatt shine
Doom- Deep vampy wine stained purple
Comes in a .20 fl oz. tube with flocked doe foot applicator

3~We will also be giving away 3 brand new BB Couture colors from her Christmas Collection! Which means its going to be any of 7 now being offered. > prize taken!

4~One set of 4 Overall Beauty Minerals in the latest shades of gray!
Three of which are brand new colors! Here is the link to see all four colors together as a set>
4 Piece Smoky Eyes
Dust Bunny which has its own fan, a bunny for a bunny> who has his own Facebook Page!
Turtle Dove
Rag Doll
Mists & Memory or Sanctified Snow from the Gabrielle Faust Eye Shadow Collection!
It comes with a handcrafted makeup bag in two-tone purple and black. One we do not have listed so it won’t sell out before this contest is over!

5~ There will also be 2 x $10.00 Overall Beauty gift certificates up for grabs as well. So really is 6 prizes. 😉

There will be daily tweet hints, there will facebook hints to help you out. If you are not a member of our Facebook fan page, we hope you come “Like” us. First hint is, popular nail polish bloggers. You may not of heard of some of the bloggers that are playing this game with us, but you really need to add them to your readers! These ladies all do amazing swatches for all styles and colors of nail polishes.

Have fun everyone playing our little treasure hunt! Once you have all the urls or names of the blogs who are playing this game including the star, use the contact us on the blog with your lists. If got any questions you can email me or message me on Twitter or Facebook.

The first person who has all the pieces will get her choice of which prize she wants. Second person gets her choice, third person till all 5 prizes are gone!
This Treasure hunt ends the 9th of December!

We are having special sales all month-long so keep an eye out for that as well. If you received our latest newsletter that super special deal will start at 9:00pm Pacific time till Midnight. 😉

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