Love on Four Feet! | by Guest Blogger Jin :)

AS you may not know I am off right now having the time of my life with my husband of 30 years! While I am gone I talked to a few of my best buds and asked if they wouldn’t mind stopping in and doing a post about what true love means to them. Jin here as done an amazing post about her amazing beautiful kitties. That is why this is called Love on Four Feet! Thanks Jin.. take it away!!

Hello beautiful people!
If you don’t know me, I am Jin from Superficially Colorful. I am very happy and honored to be here today and I would like to wish Kim a big CONGRATULATIONS for her Anniversary!
Love comes in many ways and forms and I think Kim is very fortunate to have found someone she loves and who loves her so much that she’s been able to stay with him for so long. May you get to celebrate your love for many many more years to come ♥
My love story for this post is slightly different. Her name is Xanthippe and she was the one who chose me, about 7 years ago.
I never really liked cats.  I mean, the only cats I met in my life were not very nice to me. When I was very young I got scratched by a violent cat of some friends of my parents. When I grew up I met two other mean cats that were raised by a friend. None of my encounters with cats ended well and so I decided that I’m a dog person. No cats for me.
Xanthippe was born on the street, and when she was about 3 weeks old, she got stuck in a thorny bush near the main road. Her mother abandoned her apparently since she realized she couldn’t get her out of the bush and the little baby kitty was stuck in there, with no way of getting out for a couple of days. A friend of mine who used to work as a Veterinary assistant found her, managed to get her out of the thorns and took her home.
My friend fed the little baby kitten and took care of her, but the little kitty was afraid of everything and everyone, she was in a sort of shock or trauma and she had to be grabbed and forced even into feeding.
One evening I came to visit my friend and we all sat in the living room talking.  A littler tiny baby kitty came by, sniffed around carefully and decided that I smelled the safest. She climbed to my knees, licked herself clean and cuddled into a little bagel to sleep. While I wasn’t crazy about cats, this little baby was too cute to just push away so I let her and I continued the conversation I was engaged at. But then I realized everyone was looking a little bit funny at me, and when I asked why, I heard that this little kitty just wouldn’t get anywhere near anyone else out of her free will.
Well, if this baby kitty thought I was the right place for her… I couldn’t let her down, could I?
Of course since then I took another kitty, Themis, to keep Xanthippe company when I’m at work, and Themis herself is amazingly sweet and loving – and a story for another post. But there’s nothing like that special bond between Xanthippe and me. She’s usually sleeps on me at night, and I am so used to it by now that I don’t even wake up when she moves. She always runs to me when I return home and we’re definitely best friends forever.
Oh, by the way, thanks to Xanthippe I have learnt  that I am actually a cat person 😉
Of course, since my blog is all about nail polish and nail art, I just HAD to do a manicure for my lovely Xanthippe and Themis, to add to this post.
Xanthippe and Themis Cats Nail Art
Actually, this drawing of Xanthippe is something I wanted to do for a long time. I saw this drawing on a little rock, made by the amazing Tatjana at Raggio di-Luna Painted Rocks. (She’s also an amazing Painted Nails artist!!!) and those round eyes bought me. They are so much like my Xanthippe’s eyes.
The polishes I used in this manicure are Cult Nails Tempest, Cult Nails Fetish, China Glaze Elephant WalkAbove The Curve Akiko, Zoya Sweet and a few mixes of these colors.
Xanthippe Cat Nail Art
Themis Cat Nail Art
And now of course I have to show you Themis, so here she is – my crazy tiger cat:
 I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope you all have that special someone in your life too, whether it’s a person or a pet or whatever – that is accepting your love and making you feel loved in return ♥
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  1. Happy anniversary! 🙂 I’m at 10 years of marriage, hope that one day I’ll be there where you and your husband are now! 🙂
    Lovely story, Jin! Beautiful cats and beautiful manicure! 🙂

  2. What a sweet and touching post! You are both lucky to have found each other! ♥