CrowsToes Nail Polish

**CrowsToes uses *proper* stainless steel mixing balls in her polishes.**

Each are in a FULL SIZE bottle (15 ml)
Please note prior to your purchase of CrowsToes -

1. Not all glitters contained in any given CrowsToes color recipe have
ever been – nor will ever be – listed in their respective color
description. Descriptions are intended as a “general” listing of
colors contained within the glitter mix.

2. Batches will slightly vary. These are measured and mixed by hand.
there will be differences for this very reason. please keep this in
mind before purchasing. batches also may/can slightly change due to
supplier availability and/or batch differences in glitter.

3. Polish Consistency – Please Do not expect your CrowsToes to be the
same consistency as a commercially produced polish.
CrowsToes are made using straight un-cut suspension base which is very

They are easily thinned to your preferred consistency with polish thinner.

When you want the best available, one must understand that what makes a indie brand stand out in the crowds of mass created products, is one of the major reasons you want them to start with. (glitter, color, the interesting ways they make color just work!)

Its those differences that can make any nail polish lover want them, desire them, own them. You want OPI? Go to your local drugstore.. Willing to go a beyond the normal boring colors? You want the best, want one of kinds? Buy a indie brand!

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