Beat The Aging Process With These 6 Key Tips

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Beat The Aging Process With These 6 Key Tips

Aging is inevitable. Really? No matter how hard we try, it will catch up with us eventuality, some faster than others depending on how you are living your life. But that does not mean that you have to sit back and let it prematurely take your youth away. No, there are things you can do starting right now to beat the aging process, and maintain your youthful looks and vigor well into an age nobody will be able to guess!

These tips are extremely simple- there’s no magic pill here. Read on to find out the six keys tips you should be doing:

Sleep More – That is one of the bigger ones I think. I am almost 60 years old, and even I still stay up too late sometimes and boy oh boy do I feel it the next day!

Sleeping is one of life’s simple pleasures, and something that should come naturally to everyone. However, more than half of the USA’s adult population is chronically sleep deprived, in the sense that they get less than the recommended 8-9 hours nightly, many days running. Sleep is the one thing that everyone has going for them, since it is the hit reset button for your body.

During sleep, repair ensues, so that proteins in skin are fixed, hormone production is ramped up, and the process of rebuilding in general. Chronic sleep deficiency inhibits the ability of the body to fix structural defects, including in DNA, which can accelerate greying of hair, wrinkling of skin and deterioration of organs.

Eat Your Veggies

Eat lots of vegetables. I think eating your veggies is something that should start really young and you just keep doing it. When it comes to vegetables it doesn’t really matter which, but include a variety of different ones, as each bring something different to the table. Most vegetables are extremely low calories, making them perfect for bulk at mealtimes, as you can eat a lot, and not get a lot of calories. In addition, vegetables are full of fiber, which keep intestinal and colon health on point, as well as tons of anti-oxidants, vitamin and minerals, which fend off free radicals and compounds that damage DNA and promote aging.

Shed Bad Recreational Hobbies – We all have a few do we not?

Sure, watching TV late into the night is a bad hobby, and it is damaging, but it is not bad in the sense we are referring to. The ways we are talking about, relate to drinking, smoking and eating junk food. Excessive alcohol consumption places undue stress on the liver that’s primary job is to remove toxins from the body, and in some cases makes it unable to do its job. This accumulation of toxins is bad for health, and kick starts accelerates the aging process.

Quit Smoking, if you can because it is worse in many aspects.

As someone who quit years ago, I do not even want to know what my skin would look like now if I hadn’t been able too! With negative effects ranging from the lungs, to blood vessels and more, smoking can age you 25 years in just 5 years. It will cause yellowing of your hands, and your skin? Nutrient delivery suffers, so skin ages and wrinkles far sooner than it should, and you increase the risk of dying from complications of the lung. They also say that when you quit smoking, and living in a smoke free home, your lungs will after time start to heal themselves. But it takes a very long time for it to happen.

Stay Happy – not as easy as it sounds but its possible.

We don’t expect you to be euphoric all day long, but being happy has proven benefits over being sad. This can be explained by endorphins, feel good chemicals produced in the brain that boost mood, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce stress levels as well.
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Practicing mindfulness meditation is one of the best ways to develop your appreciation of the little things in life, and improve your happiness and outlook not to mention the fact that frowning just speeds up development of wrinkles and fine lines!

Weight Train – check with your doctor to be sure he/she is ok with doing it.

A little jogging or cycling is good during any point of life, but in order to diminish the effects of aging, weight training is a must. Not only does muscle help you fill out your clothing, but it can also help prevent skin from sagging, wrinkling, or your posture from stooping.

Nothing screams old like a hunched back and sagging skin, but luckily, weight lifting can delay this for years to come, not only that, but your overall mobility will be kept in check, and you will look great, so hit the weights!

6 simple tips to help with your anti-aging routine! Age is going to hit us all, you can’t get around it. BUT you can stop it from happening sooner than later. By watching what you eat, skincare routine, quit smoking (or never start), getting your sleep, and change how you think about things. We all can stay a little younger longer.

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