Christmas- It’s More Than The Big Gifts And Fancy Decorations

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Christmas- It’s More Than The Big Gifts And Fancy Decorations

One thing that people seem to forget– Christmas is so much more than those fancy decorations and big gifts you think you want and or need.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. What you think is so important of the holiday season is what you are going to get is not really the real reason why there even is a holiday season. Christmas isn’t about the big over-priced gifts and the fancy decorations. There is so much more to it.
So, it also isn’t about cramming as many holiday activities and festivities in during the month of December as you possibly can. I know, try telling your children that.
It isn’t about having the biggest Christmas party, or the biggest over-decorated tree.
What Christmas should really be about spending time with loved ones, exchanging meaningful gifts, and enjoying each other’s company. Some families can only get to together during the holiday season, why waste all your time do just too many things at once?
And let’s not forget about the spiritual aspect of this High Holiday that often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of our commercialized holidays. Halloween is barely gone and Thanksgiving gets lost in the Christmas rush.

Let’s Start Doing Something New This. What is That? Why Not Slow Down This Year?

Start by slowing down this year. It’s hard to enjoy this very special season when your calendar is so full that you’re simply rushing from one event to the next. This year lets try something new, why not cut back on as much as you can? Do you really need to go to every party? No, not really. So why not take a breath and look around you.
Enjoy this time with your family. Snuggle up on the couch and watch a favorite Holiday movie. Make some macaroni ornaments with the kids. Take a nap or sip a cup of peppermint mocha, or make yourself a warm drink with apple cider and rum. Slow down and soak it all in. If you take the time to make meaningful memories, you have something that will last a lifetime.

Scale Back On Everything. Probably The Hardest to Do.

The biggest problem with doing too much and having too much is that it all loses meaning. This is particularly true around Christmas. Why does this season have that “Go big or go home” idea you just have to match? Take the time to pick out a couple of well-chosen presents for those closest to you. Make this year be more memorable, who really needs a big pile of 25 to 30 things that looks impressive at first glance? But in the end, they need nothing but showcase how much money you had to throw away.

Instead of going all out with the decorating the tree, look back and see if you can remember what was on your Christmas tree when you were a child, what did your parents have that was handed-down from their parents? Now is the time to make memories, instead of buying more and more gifts, set a limit and spent both time and money on quality instead of quantity. Instead of hosting huge Christmas dinners, scale it back to a few good friends and family and have them bring something that can be shared with others.

Focus On The Truly Important Stuff

In other words, force yourself to focus on the truly important stuff. By slowing down, and cutting back you are creating memories that could last for years. There is more to this holiday season, than big meals, big parties and way too many gifts. Take the time to focus on the truly important stuff, be it spiritual or just for fun and enjoy this holiday season.

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