Creating a Million Dollar Face

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Creating a Million Dollar Face

Creating a Million Dollar Face
What do you think of that? *Create a Million Dollar Face Today* Well I need to work on that. Its part of the new tag line for Overall Beauty Minerals, my vegan mineral line of makeup.
*Let’s Create a Million Dollar Face with Overall Beauty Minerals, mineral eye shadows and more to help you be as beautiful as ever for less money than ever before! There is no need for mineral makeup to cost as much as it does these days! AT $7.19 a eye shadow, its now affordable for everyone! * Humm I think I will keep working of that.What you think, how am I doing on that ad?

A Few Quick Beauty Tips for you from “22 Beauty Tips for the Everyday Women” by me!

Tip 11: For an instant lift, highlight your hair. You can benefit with bring light to your face.

Tip 12: What we think “style” means: Your clothes look like they belong to you,
Your accessories polish your look, your makeup is quietly correct, your beauty allows your personal charm to show though.

Tip 13: Eye shadow technique for every shape eye: Stroke on a light base all over the lid.
Place a medium-tone shadow in the corner and drag it about one-third towards the center.
Line the crease with a medium tone, blend gently and your done!

Tip 20: If you want your eyes to stand out, line the outer two-thirds of your eye, top and bottom,
then smudge the lines to soften the effect. Depending the look your going for, Blues, Purples, Gold, Brown, Charcoal or your basic Black are great choices.

Self-confidence is not looking at yourself in the mirror when you’re in public.

Wow that last one isn’t a tip but you know it should be! Are you as self-confidence as you want to be?

*** I didn’t do the makeup for the young lady in the image I am using***

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