Is There Such A Thing As Natural Botox Alternatives?

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Is There Such A Thing As Natural Botox Alternatives?

Are you worried about your wrinkles and fine lines? Are you considering taking drastic measures and having Botox injections? If so, perhaps you might like to look at some natural Botox alternatives. After all, Botox can make your face look paralyzed. Well, that really depends on how good the doctor is that you see. How many people on TV do you look at and think, ‘they must have had Botox!’

Here are some natural alternatives for you to consider, that will help make your skin look younger. Plus, if you forgo surgery or injections, you take away all risks of suffering from any of their negative side effects. First idea does still include the use of needles but they are very small and handled by a pro? You hardly feel a thing!

Facial Acupuncture

This treatment can reduce the signs of aging, as it tightens your pores and promotes blood flow to the skin. Acupuncture has the ability to heal the fibers of your skin in a natural way. This is partly because your skin perceives the small punctures as a form of attack.

Your body’s immune response will be to send more white blood cells to your face as a form of defense. This increased production of white blood cells to your face will result in the restoration of the old fibers and strengthen the skin.

Acupuncture has long been used in traditional medicine to restore vitality and boost energy. This is why facial acupuncture is used to help remove wrinkles, dark circles, acne scars and fine lines.
So instead of a cosmetic surgeon, look up your nearest acupuncturist, as they too are capable of performing treatments that involve facial rejuvenation.

Make sure you choose an acupuncturist that is licensed to perform facial rejuvenation treatments.


This is a treatment that uses nitrogen vapors which are sprayed to the person’s neck and face with the help of a cryo wand. This therapy runs on an average temperature of -274F. This is the reason why some people call it a ‘cold beauty treatment’.

Cryotherapy speeds up the process of cell regeneration and dead cells are quickly eliminated. Many people are afraid to try the procedure, thinking that it will be too cold to endure. However, the skin surface temperature is closely monitored throughout the duration of the treatment.

This cold treatment improves the production of collagen, making the skin look more toned while fine lines and pores are reduced. The natural reaction of your skin when it’s cold is to tighten. Therefore, the tightening of your blood vessels when subjected to the cold temperature makes your skin look less puffy and instead makes your skin feel tight and rejuvenated.
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Rejuvenating Egg Mask

This is one of the best natural Botox alternatives that you can prepare in your own kitchen. It is the easiest and most affordable because you only need one egg to put on your face! Sounds funny but hey it might work!

So how is it possible that one egg, particularly its white portion can help fight against the signs of aging? The answer is protein and collagen. These are the two potent nutrients present in egg whites that make eggs very effective as facial masks for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and strengthening facial skin tone.

The caveat is, although it is an all-natural solution this mask is not for everybody. There are some people who have sensitive skin and can experience an acne breakout.

So, if you do not have allergies to egg whites, if you’re not afraid of acupuncture or cold treatments, you can tighten the skin without looking ‘Botox paralyzed‘.

To be honest these may not be the best ideas for natural ideas for you, but there is also something as simple as starting to wear sunscreen everyday!

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