Easy Valentine Ideas for the Creatively Challenged

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Easy Valentine Ideas for the Creatively Challenged

young man with gifts and roseIt’s that time again – to start thinking about Valentine’s Day and what to give the one you love this year. Most men who have someone to gift on Valentine’s Day (or any other gift giving day) thinks a card is enough to show their caring. Not you not this time!

This year it’s time to put on your thinking cap and give her something more – a memory she will never forget. You may not be able to fix the oven, but you can surprise her with a gift from the heart! Here are a few simple, but heart warming, ideas that will work for the women who has everything, or just should be given a something new.

Here are some simple gifts that you can create for him or her at home, or make Amazon be your friend and help out 😉

How about creating a special gift basket? Check out her bathroom cupboards and that will tell you what her favorite scents and products may be. Then go to her favorite bath and body store and pick up soaps, bath washes and gels, bath salts, lotions, and body butter. Dress it up with a little ribbon and rose -shaped candle – sometimes the nice shop lady will do it for you – and you are ready to go. A gift of love, designed by you.
Here are a few awesome choices you can order today that will be there in time:

Or if you looked and see she is a more natural beauty product user? Check out this basket idea 🙂

How about creating love coupons? Use your computer and think, “What does she need or want the most?” Then create a coupon that carries your promise to fulfill her desire at the time she gives it to you. These coupons don’t need to be x-rated, You can still give a few of those, of course, but why not just give her the gift of uninterrupted time? How about truly private time? When she gives this coupon back to you, you set up and run her bath, light a candle or two, then maybe fix her tea or a drink. Take the kids (if any), then walk out of the bathroom – perhaps even out of the house – and let her lock the door.

What brand-new mom wouldn’t want a gift like this? You can give her a “child care” coupon. You will take care of the baby, and she can sit in the quiet of a bath – or any other place of her choosing – knowing that you love her so much that you will give her just want she needed: Peace and quiet.

How about a coupon for a back rub or foot rub? That’s a good coupon. That one would be great for man or woman. There are so many more ideas you could give coupons for, but those should at least give you a head start.

Another simple gift is a gift certificate to her favorite spa or the place she gets her nails done. Write a short note saying that you think she is beautiful, but you love her nails done as much as she does. Or give her a trip to that new Day Spa that just opened that you know she has been dying to visit. Give her the biggest beauty treatment that you can afford, to pamper her, giving her a day of luxury she won’t soon forget.

How about creating your own Chocolate Covered Strawberries and impressing her with your power in the kitchen?
Visit this blog post to get the recipe for it 🙂

Simple and easy gifts, but handcrafted with love by you, makes her feel loved and cherished. You have chosen to go beyond just a card and flowers. Go ahead and start thinking and planning now. You may to go through a few packs of Strawberries until you have the dozen that look divine!

Good Luck guys! Every woman who loves you is ready to be surprised!

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