How to Unwind With an Indulgent Bathroom Soak

How to Unwind With an Indulgent Bathroom Soak

These days we need time to just forget about the world and everything that is going on. Kinda hide from all the negative going on. It’s important that we sometimes take the time to indulge ourselves. Having a great bathroom design can do this and will give you the opportunity to lie back and forget all your worries while being soothed by bath products, warm water and beautiful smells.
So how do you go ahead, making the most of that beautiful bathroom and taking some much needed ‘me’ time? Here are a few good ideas and tips:

Clear Your Schedule
First and more so, it’s very important to clear your schedule. This means making sure that all those little chores around the house are done and that your phone is somewhere where it’s not going to disturb you. Lock the door and tell everyone not to enter.

More importantly, make sure that you have taken the time to get into the right ‘mental zone’. It doesn’t take your boss calling you for you to think of work again, we’re highly capable of getting stressed about our to-do list in the office on our own!

That’s why you need to take some time to put your concerns aside and to imagine locking them away in a box to worry about later. They aren’t going anywhere, and you’ll actually be more productive if you take the occasional time out. So give yourself permission to switch off for a bit and then see that you do!

The Right Atmosphere

Most people find a long bath to be one of the most relaxing things they can do. If you run a hot bath, add all the right bubble bath and other products and shut the world out for a good hour, then you’ll be a new man or woman by the time you are done.

But if you want to go one step further, then you need to set the right atmosphere. This means lighting a few candles (maybe scented) and it means playing some relaxing music. These little changes can make the difference between being relaxed and being in bliss, so it’s worth taking the time out to set the scene.

Or perhaps you would be more relaxed if you had something to distract your mind from the stresses of life. That could mean a good book, or it might mean a bath radio. Other people might prefer to download a podcast and once you’ve set it up you can have that playing while you unwind.

One of the best things you can do, is turn off everything that takes you away from enjoying your bath. That means all social media because that can become stressful and that isn’t why you are soaking in your tub of pure delight!
That’s living the dream!

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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