No Date for Valentine’s Day? Looking on the Bright Side..

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No Date for Valentine’s Day? Looking on the Bright Side..

So you have no date for Valentine’s Day, is that really a bad thing after all? Lets Look on the bright side of not having a date. And not having to worry about getting anyone something.

Maybe for you, Valentine’s Day could be about pretending you are not envious as your friends and colleagues show off their Valentine’s gift choices. You understand that it’s for their other half, and it’s a really big deal but secretly you are wishing they would stop telling you all about it. Being single does have its advantages they just don’t have.

Why are you not looking on the bright side?

While they are out spending all those hundreds and hundreds of dollars, wracking their brains about making the correct gift choices or where to take them out to dinner and make time to do so (not to mention a great deal of effort) making sure they have gotten it absolutely right. Its gets harder and harder each year to come up with something they have not given their other half the year before.

Think of it this way you saving your money, time and effort and that also means more of everything to spend on yourself.

Start off with:

Look around there maybe spas or health resort trips that couples are considering, but these days its very possible that there may also be spas having deals just for those who are not part of a couple. No reason why you can’t take a small vacation of a few days and go lay on a beach somewhere.

No reason why you can’t take yourself out to dinner now is it?

Just remember that if you do go out to dinner do not go anywhere you might run into an old ex. This is not the day to accidentally run into him or her and it’s not really the right day for a new date either.

Why not take the time to splurge on that stunning party dress that you’ve had your eyes on.  Or latest style of shoes you been thinking about. A little shopping therapy never hurts anyone, and its fun to get a new dress, specially if you had lost a bit of weight.
Just don’t buy yourself a box of chocolates and sit around and cry over lost loves.

That’s truly a waste of time. So cheer up, things aren’t that bad after all and this is definitely a time for you to start appreciating and treating yourself.

Go ahead spend all that time on yourself, being part of a couple maybe not be what is happening for you this year but who knows about next Valentine’s Day? Pampering yourself always make anyone feel great, take the time to treat yourself and don’t worry, it’s just another day.

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