Overall Beauty Is Not Hiring at this time – If contacted? Its a Scam!

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Overall Beauty Is Not Hiring at this time – If contacted? Its a Scam!

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It has been brought to our attention that someone pretending to be from Overall Beauty is hiring people to do work for us.
They use the app Slack to set up the work. Then they are asking for signing of a NDA document.
If you have been contacted, it’s not from Overall Beauty. We are not using Slack for anything. In fact I had no idea till someone contacted me through DM on Instagram what Slack was or that they had been contacted for work and then locked out of Slack. I have contacted Slack to let them know that someone is using their app to scam people to do work for them using my company as their contact.
It is not from Overall Beauty, we are not hiring at this time for any work of any type.
Sorry for any misunderstanding this may be causing people.

Please take screenshots of the messages and send them to info @ overallbeauty.com Subject line – Slack Work
Thanks, I am sorry this is happening, and I am doing my best to figure out why. It just seems really odd to contact people to work for them with having no way of getting the work done on here on this blog.

Kim Snyder
Overall Beauty

After providing Slack with screenshots send to me by someone who had been contacted by someone saying they are from Overall Beauty.

Thank you for providing all of this additional detail. This workspace was removed for violating Slack’s Terms of Service (https://slack.com/terms-of-service).

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and we are truly sorry if you’ve been personally or financially impacted throughout this. We would encourage you to please contact your local law enforcement for further assistance.

Kind regards,


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