Overall Beauty Minerals – Now Offering Mica-Free Eye Shadows and Blushes!

Overall Beauty Minerals

Overall Beauty Minerals – Now Offering Mica-Free Eye Shadows and Blushes!

Not too long ago I got asked if I offered mica-free eye shadows. I had never thought of it so I said sure, and gave it a go. I ended up creating three colors at that time. It was a start for sure! I had no idea that one simple question has me wanting to create even more! This is the first set of colors I had created.
3 piece mica free eyeshadow gift set
Snapdragon – a matte pink (I had someone else ordered it asking if it was possible to get it in a 10 gram size!)
Cornflower – a soft matte purple with a blue green shimmer.
Eggplant – a very bright matte purple eyeshadow.

I really had no idea that mica-free eye makeup would be so desired. In fact when I started offering colors, a customer asked me questions and then bought a few.
I added the messages back and forth for a reason. It make me realize that offering mica-free was a good idea. It took me a bit to figure out the best way to go about it, but now since the messages below I have gone from just three to now 6 eye shadows and two blushes!
Now she asked me a few questions which I will post here without her name:

Hi Kim! I was just curious. If the product doesn’t contain mica, where does the shimmer come from? I’m just wondering because I have tried numerous shimmer eyeshadows that contain mica and they break me out. Thank you so much.

My answer back to her:

Good morning!
Great question btw 🙂 I am using a color called Aqua Sparks! To add the shimmer to Cornflower.
Do you have a problem with Titanium Dioxide or is just mica? I am just curious because lots of shimmer colors are pretty much created with mica and Titanium Dioxide.
Aqua Sparks! Ingredients is Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Tin Oxide.
I do have this same color without the shimmer, I am just not offering it yet. I already have enough purple and almost purple mica free colors so far.
Thanks for the question! Everything I offer comes in sample size, which is what I recommend always before jumping in and buying a large size.
Have a lovely rest of your day! If you have any other questions, please ask ok? I am here to help:

After she bought the eyeshadows she wanted and received her order, I received this message back from her:

Hi Kim,
I wanted to let you know that I love the eyeshadows!!! They haven’t broken me out and I love the colors! Can’t wait for you to make more. Thank you so much!

To me that made me feel good. I am able to offer someone who hasn’t been able to wear eye shadow anymore due to mica being in all of them it seems. Which has me thinking up all kinds of colors! The best 6 piece set I offer shows all the eyeshadows:
6 piece set of mica free eyeshadows
This set of six mineral eye shadows are:
Nutmeg – gray brown matte
Cornflower – pale purple with shimmer
Eggplant – bright matte purple
Stormy – dark gray matte
Fire Witch – burnt orange matte

I really had no idea how much mica-free eyeshadows are desired. But then I also had no clue before I started creating the eyeshadows just how tough it was going to be to create, and stay true to my brand and stay vegan. I now am offering blushes too! Is there a color you are looking for? Send me a convo on Etsy!
Visit https://kmms.etsy.com to see everything I now have to offer!

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