NEOCELL Collagen Beauty Builder Review

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NEOCELL Collagen Beauty Builder Review

I was so hoping that there would of been at least some change in my nails after taking this product for two months. But after taking it twice a day for two months nothing really happened. I have two nails that I have been trying to grow out for months that keep breaking in the same spot on both nails on both hands. I have heard of Neocell before so I thought I would give them a try. At $20 a bottle a month. They are horse pills too. But I have sorry looking nails and my skin is a bit dry so why not?
Here’s the thing…
I wrote what you see above about a month or so ago. I stopped taking it after two months because I really didn’t think it was doing anything for me. Well, I was wrong! About a week after stopped taking them I found my face was starting to break out again ( I wear a CPAP Mask to sleep at night) my hair was feeling a bit dry and my nails just seem to be getting weak. So I went out and bought another bottle! Now everything is starting to be better again. I just got color put back into my hair and my hair doesn’t feel like I did it. My nails are looking better and my face has started looking better as well. So the answer to the question does this work? Yes, but it takes at least 3 months to see anything. Even then I am thinking its going to take at least 6 months to really know for sure.

About the product

NUTRICOSMETIC FORMULA: NeoCell Collagen Type 1&3 + ALA and Biotin
NEOCELL COLLAGEN has been clinically studied for increased skin hydration, and contains 19 amino acids that help sustain collagen levels in aging skin as well as assist in rebuilding the skin matrix
HYALURONIC ACID is a water-loving nutrient that hydrates the tissues and promotes elasticity.
ALPHA LIPOIC ACID and BIOTIN are powerful nutrients that protect and enhance collagen formation. SILICA is a crucial building block for strength and elasticity in the skin.

Now here is the only problem I have found with them. They are horse sized pills! And you got to take three of them and they are not small! Check out my photo to see what I mean.
NEOCELL size pills
Other than that, they are under $20 a month depending on where you buy them. I found them on Amazon for under $15 and at my local Sprouts about $19.99, but I have bought them for 25% off, so it really depends on where you buy them on what their price might be.

I paid for them myself
They take at least three months to show if they are going to work for you. I am not a doctor! Please talk to your doctor before you try any over the counter supplement.

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