Stop These Little Known Wrinkle Causing Habits for Younger Looking Skin

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Stop These Little Known Wrinkle Causing Habits for Younger Looking Skin

When we think of the visible signs of aging that we most want to overcome, facial wrinkles are at the top of the list. We are constantly made aware of the major common causes of wrinkles – the sun’s ultraviolet rays, stress, alcohol, cigarette smoking, not wearing sunscreen and simply because we are getting older.

However, there are some lesser-known factors that may be contributing to your display of facial creases. These may not have the macro effects of the causes already mentioned, but if you are quite concerned by the appearance of fine lines you may wish to consider every possible option. One or more of these may be influencing your appearance, so consider running a self-check to monitor their impact.

Sleeping on one side all night

Research has shown that sleeping on one side the entire night can cause creases on your skin to develop. This is because as you crunch your skin against your pillow, creases may develop on your chest, chins and cheeks. Did you know that sleeping on your back is best for most people but only 8% of the world does it? I never knew how hard it can be but even now at the age of 56, I am too sleeping more my back than ever before.

Unfortunately, as you get older, your skin will no longer be capable of smoothing out or springing back as quickly as when you were still young. Try to minimize the habit of sleeping on only one side as much as possible. You may also opt to use silky soft pillowcases to reduce friction on your skin.
Showcasing my favorite satin pillows 🙂

I was told years ago that the best way to help your skin at night was to sleep on satin pillows. So Satin pillows are really good for your face. Cotton causes your face to sweat and that can block your pores.

Spending long hours inside the vehicle

It is a common fallacy that being inside the car totally spares you from the harmful rays of the sun. However, if you drive or stay inside the car for long hours you can still be a moving target of the sun’s UV rays. One way to prevent this from happening is to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen daily when traveling. Wear sunglasses as well to prevent squinting – another wrinkle-maker.

Repeated facial expressions – Remember your mom ever saying to you that if you keep making that face someday it will get stuck that way forever? She may not of been wrong after all! But it does take years..

If you have the habit of frowning or squinting whenever you are trying to express yourself then chances are there are already several grooves forming beneath the surface of your skin. Gradually, these grooves will become obvious marks that are known as wrinkles which are also referred to as laugh lines, frown lines and forehead folds.

Eat a balanced diet

We are made aware from some quarters that over-consumption of meat can be bad for our health. The real problem is if meat is eaten to the exclusion of other necessary food groups, especially fruit and vegetables. When it comes to fighting wrinkles, we often tend to forget about the importance of eating plant-based foods which are loaded with anti-oxidants that fight against premature signs of aging.

Meat can have benefits to the body’s overall health but avoiding those greens and other colored vegetables can speed up age-related symptoms so skin wrinkles will appear sooner than they should. A great way to combat these wrinkles is to load up your plate with fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Remember that you need to be beautiful inside and out!

Over cleansing your face

Cleanliness might be a virtue, but habitually washing too much can have a negative effect on the health of your skin. Over washing your face can deplete its natural moisturizers resulting in dry skin that is susceptible to wrinkle formations.

Some soaps and cleansers contain ingredients which are harsh to the skin. Make sure to use mild soaps and also avoid applying too much makeup.

These are just a few of the many things we do that can cause wrinkles to start forming earlier that need be.
By eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking water and wearing sunscreen we can help ourselves start a little younger looking.

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