Now It’s Too Late – Poem by Kim Snyder

Now It’s Too Late – Poem by Kim Snyder

One-time lover, one-time friend
You knew me when we were young
Young lovers, just fresh out of high school…
With nights of pleasure, followed by days of fighting
Each one’s family not liking the other

Trying not to listen to them
We got torn apart by words of hate
Hate that wasn’t even ours to begin with
One-time lover, one-time best friend
I look back over the joy we had
The big plans we had
Plans that, even today, I think back and wish you were a part of them now
 young teenagers in love
I check my phone, finding images of each other, laughing at some party,
Big smiles, no tears, no pain showing in our faces
What was it that went so wrong, so fast?
Thinking back, it was the little things I think I miss the most
Coffee at dawn before school, dinners by candlelight

First time lover, missing my best friend
I check the text I received last night, just to be sure
Asking to see each other out of the blue after all this time
I wasn’t sure I could handle the pain of seeing you again

But it’s not you I will be meeting, it’s not you I will see
Lost in memories, I missed seeing your mother standing there
“He never really got over you” she states in such a sad voice
I look at her for the first time, years falling into place
“He was my first and last true love” I answered her back softly
Tears falling down both of our faces

“He left you this” she hands me a letter
I take it, seeing his fancy handwriting of my name on the front

I look up to thank her, but she was gone
I figured she wouldn’t stick around to see me read his last letter
Even now, I can still feel the hate they had for me.

“If you are reading this, then you know that I am gone”
Tears fill my eyes, if I had only known would I have been there??
We did not part on the best of terms, young love will do that
I thought of him over the years, I couldn’t find myself to dump our photos
Of a life that was built on young love, torn apart by families hate for the other
As I finish his letter, I couldn’t stop the tears, I didn’t really want too
One-time true love, one-time forever best friend

I will miss you more than you will ever know, knowing I was the last person you thought of
A letter written when you made up your mind to leave us too soon
Now, it’s too late
Now it’s too late, to try and fix the hate our families had for each other
Now it’s too late, for me to say I’m sorry for leaving you
Now it’s too last, to tell you I love you one more time
Now it’s too late, to tell you, you were my first love and only love
Now it’s too late, to talk to my best friend just one more time
One time lover, one-time best friend
Goodbye my love, may the angels hold you in their wings
May peace you had been looking for will find you at last.

Kim Snyder, copyright 2024

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