Answering questions about what it takes start a beauty based business today. My point of view.

Answering questions about what it takes start a beauty based business today. My point of view.

Just remember, this is all my point of view. I have been doing this for a very, very long time. If I was to start today? Something’s would change, but not much. Everything I offer below, is all my ideas, my thoughts, and suggestions. Take from it what you will. If it helps, awesome, if it doesn’t help you? That is ok too.

This turn out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. But it also has a lot of good information for anyone looking to start a beauty based business today!
So here we go!
That is a lot of interesting questions! I have been in business since 2004 so my answers maybe a bit different from other makeup brands willing to answer your questions. I will start with your question, and my answers will be after that.

What inspired you to start your business?
I used to run my own website selling other indie brands of products, mostly nail polish and skincare products. My kid sister asked me, why don’t have anything under your own brand? So I got to thinking about what I could offer. I am a huge fan of no animal testing, (which was still a thing when I started) and more towards the natural or vegan beauty products. I did lots of research, and decided to go with vegan mineral makeup. BUT I knew from the start I didn’t want to create mineral foundation, that was something everyone was doing. I decided to go with specialized in loose pigment mineral eyeshadows and blushes. Overall Beauty Minerals was born!

Shout out to all the amazing indie brand nail polish creators! Not many of them are still here, but there is a few that I sold, that are still being offered today. Picture Polish out of AU, Trust Fund Beauty, Dollish Polish, Serum no7 still all creating some of the best polishes ever! Looking for Pretty Serious colors? I still have some! 😉 Send me a message on Facebook and I will hook you up!

What difference does your product have compared to other makeups?
Good question! I specialize in two things, loose power mineral eyeshadows and blushes. If you are going to specialize in something, then you still need to find ways to stand out. I am vegan mineral makeup, but I do not create foundations. What I do offer are fun sparkly eyeshadows, and mattes. Along with mica-free and mica-free titanium dioxide free colors.

I do not use talc or bismuth oxychloride, carmine, cosmetic dyes, ferric ferrocyanide in what I create. Research with tell you, Talc is a cheap filler that most major beauty brands use, carmine is made from crushed beetle, ferric ferrocyanide is used to create purples, blues and greens. It was recommended when I started out not to use ferric ferrocyanide because of how it’s made.

How do you get your products manufactured? Believe it or not, I do everything!

How did you find that manufacturer?
I haven’t. Now, one thing about what I create is, you can’t find it anywhere else. When you go with a manufacturer, they can only do so much. I am a very small brand. Manufacturer want you to buy 100+ per color. Now, if I was starting now? I might go with one. But I am very happy with how I am doing things now. I will never been the on the shelves of your local beauty store, and I am ok with that.

How do you test your products?
I have friends and family do all the testing. They let me know what they think, and if anything is missing or could be made better. I also do custom colors for customers, and they really help me create a better color.

And do you have any advice to someone starting their own makeup brand?
Niche down, because these days it’s very hard to stand out in the beauty niche. Do your research, make sure that what you want to offer, is what people are in need of, or want.

Competition is good to have. You might not think so, but without competition, you have no way of knowing. If there isn’t anyone else selling it? Probably because no one wants it. Understand that if you aren’t going to create it yourself? Then be willing to spend $100’s of dollars in start up costs, just to get started. Be ready to spend it. Use the same colors from your logo, to your packaging, to your website including your social media accounts. It helps your customer find you.

Have a simple logo, that if someone sees it, they will know it’s your brand. Pick a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell. Make your packaging stand out so when the customer sees it, they can see you care about everything you do. If you are eco-friendly? Then use eco-friendly packaging. Everything you do says something about your brand overall.

Make sure it’s something that you use yourself. If you don’t see yourself doing it in 10, 15, 20 years from now? Maybe it’s not for you. Be willing to put in the work, do your research, specialize. Get a good camera, be willing to start off taking your own photos. You don’t need 100’s of whatever it is, start with 10 products. That is a good way to test if what you have is what others are looking for.

Once you have customers? Remember they are willing to give you their money, the least you can do is ship it out as fast as possible. Making a customer wait a week or longer before you ship out? Makes you look lazy, and you probably won’t see that customer again. Listen to your customers, if they are looking for something? Don’t blow them off, chat with them, we all want to feel beautiful and heard. I have a whole new line of colors because it had customers asking for it.
Hope that helps!

Kim Snyder
Owner/ Creator Overall Beauty Minerals – vegan mineral makeup specializing in loose powder mineral eyeshadows & blushes. Now offering mica-free and mica-free & titanium dioxide free mineral eyeshadows and blushes.
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What you think? Did I miss anything? Leave your thoughts below!

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