What does the Word “Glamour” Mean To You?

What does the Word “Glamour” Mean To You?

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Do you know what the word “Glamour” really means?

The word “Glamour” once meant “a spell cast to change appearances, not just not how you physically look, but also their perception of how things appeared to them”. These days it means fascination, charisma, beauty or sexual attraction.

Does this mean when you think of glamour, are you desiring to be someone new, improving yourself on how you look and feel? Does this mean you if you do this, you will be thought of as someone who is glamorous? Living a life high full of drama with other beautiful people?

Advertisements are filled with ideas on how to make you think that their clothes, makeup, skincare is all you need to be glamorous.

For example: if an actor who lives their life more in the public eye (in a good way) than others may, what she wears will always be in high demand. Just watch the Oscars and you will see this happening. All the actors wear clothes and jewelry given to them by the up-and-coming designers and famous designers who have been around for years, all in hopes that having their name heard on national TV will get you wanting their products. Believe me, it works! One designer whose dress was worn by an actor who won an Oscar brought into his company a 30% increase in sales the next year. As you see, glamour these days is very profitable when used correctly.

Even at the Oscars there are goodies bags filled with thousands of dollars of trips, gift cards and full samples of makeup, skincare and jewelry. Again, it takes just one celebrity to say how much she loves the scent of an of so in so’s candle to make everyone want to run out and buy it on just her say so.

Living the glamorous life does have its downfalls, as we all age, there is always be someone younger to take our place in the eye of the beautiful people. Why do you think millions of dollars are spent each year on anti-aging treatments, spa trips and skincare? Anything to make sure that age is nothing but a number and doesn’t show up on your face or body.

At the beginning of each year we start wanting to start anew. Maybe changing a part that has made us unhappy in the past. It really comes down to this simple fact, glamour like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to be thought of as a glamorous person, then by all means be one. Dress is the highest fashion, use only the high-end makeup and skincare, but these small things do nothing if you are not liking who you are on the inside. It will show up in ways you can’t hide behind makeup, and outfits.

Think of what it means to be glamorous and decide for yourself. Does looking and following the pack of women because they are in the movies really means that much? Or does it really come down to what you think you need to be seen as? Glamour is really just a state of mind, we are all beautiful on the inside, it’s time to let it shine!

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